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Poem: Pick the Ripest One

The moment our eyes met.
I felt like time stopped
Seeing you made me more alive.
My heart is pumping.
I bet so does yours.
Don’t ever lie
He told me..

Pick up my heart….
follow your soul!

Show me your heart.
Pretend not, but I know what your heart is telling.
Your voice still rings in my ears.
With you my heart is full.
I want you
What makes you hold on?
He continuously told me..

I cannot stand anymore, I cannot stop.
I want you.
I am ready.
Just come to me.
What on earth makes you hold on.
Don’t be afraid.
I bet your heart is just like mine.
Do what you want to.
He told me one last time.

Set you free.
Follow your soul!

3 thoughts on “Poem: Pick the Ripest One”

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂
      I try my best to write more like this but some days its hard while others I can write so much..

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