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Poem: The Apple Guide

Here is a recent poem written in thoughts I feel. Could you guess what it is about?

Soft breeze upon the apple guide
A lovely moment that passes by
Moments within a moment I can not ignore
Here you are with a touch so pure.


When will you be here
I wish to touch you soon
months will pass quickly
You are growing so pure.


Only a small seedling
Grows into a bountiful tree
Full of apples ripe for the picking
Not one fallen to the ground.


Moments happen so quickly
Months before I see you
So pure to the touch
I wish I known sooner.


Lovely apple guide is smiling
Is it you watching me back
Or is it my thoughts wishing
A apple guide smiles pure.


Winter months go fastly
I wish to touch you
Something so pure and kind
My little apple guide.