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How to Customize your Capsule Wardrobe

When it comes to setting up a wardrobe and still looking your best is key. Getting to customize your capsule is exactly what everyone does even without noticing it. They all have that signature look and this will so help you in this adventure.

Color is key to building your perfect capsule wardrobe, but also giving it new life when a new season rolls around. When you’re ready to dabble in new hues, look to your skin tone to influence which colors you’ll reach for next. But one rule of thumb we have—bold hues like tomato red and royal blue look great on everyone! Another tip? Choosing shades in a unified scheme, like all warm tones or all cool tones that will allow for easy mixing and matching.

Check out this wardrobe help guide when you noticed most of your wardrobe is one color. It will help with customization as well!

Here are our favorite colors to add to a capsule wardrobe:

  1. Rust: This shade is perfect for adding warmth to your everyday basics—and it pairs perfectly with navy and camel.
  2. Crimson: Drab hues have you dragging? Red is a power color—wear it wildly.
  3. Millennial Pink: Add feminine flair to any neutral with pretty shades of this of-the-moment hue.
  4. Green: Adding in hues like sage, hunter, and Kelly green to add lushness to your palette.


Add something metallic

When it comes to accessorizing your capsule wardrobe, jewelry should be your first stop. Just like you built up your capsule wardrobe, build up your jewelry chest with pieces in your favorite metal (think gold, silver & platinum).

Here are the perfect jewelry pieces to add to your capsule wardrobe:

  1. Simple stud earrings, like faux (or real) diamond or round metal beads.
  2. 16 or 18′ inch necklace in gold or silver.
  3. One sleek bangle.
  4. A classic watch with a leather or metal band.

Add Belts to Your Capsule Wardrobe

Borrow from the boys and add a black (or cognac) belt to your capsule wardrobe:

  1. A thin, black belt to wear with an all-black outfit.
  2. A 1-1.5′ thick brown leather belt to wear with skinny jeans and a striped shirt.
  3. Scarves can be belts too! Take a silky thin scarf and thread it through your belt loops of your favorite jeans!

Three knit blankets stacked on top of one another

Scarves are a capsule wardrobe must

Scarves are your cold weather friend. Here are the best scarves to add to your capsule wardrobe:

  1. Blanket scarves will not only keep you cozy, but perfectly boho when you let the ends hang loose.
  2. A silky square scarf adds a preppy vibe to your button-down blouses and (bonus!) can be tied to your purse strap for a pop of color!In conclusion? The key to building a capsule wardrobe is all about investing in versatile, high-quality pieces that you can style year after year. Oh, and having fun. You should always have fun with your style.

My actual Wardrobe Colors and Accessories

My Actual Capsule wardrobe colors to accent my blacks and browns:

  1. Amber- Orange Honey:  The soft ting and the light color pops with anything. Like you need to find this color in clothes, which is a little hard, but so worth it.
  2. Forest Green: I love this color because its mute enough to help me feel comfortable and not bright enough to make me feel uncomfortable. Its the perfect shade with anything I feel. But also Hunter green is close which means you can easily go with the other hues of green.
  3. Spiced Orange: Especially during the fall months this color is a breath of fresh air but the problem with my capsules are this is a staple.
  4. Wine Red: This color is so beautiful and it still like the Crimson being a power color and gives you a little spark to your wardrobe.

I also have scarves and a bunch of earrings I either made or got from earth bound. I love stones and gyms along with stars or moons! I’m boho without looking it which is a cute vibe sometimes.