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Poem: A Smile and A Joke

Hello there with a smile and a joke.
We know each other for some time.
Friends for years it has seemed.
Did you notice?
Laughter and moments shared in time.
Been through my troubles and triumphs.
I’m envious of them but also sick at the sight.
The past scares me from this blessing.
I don’t want to ruin a great friendship..

Did you notice?
Our friends seemed to have noticed something.

I am in denial again…
Your nervous voice as you speak and that nervous laughter I hear coming from you.
Is there something scaring you?
Don’t rush into anything. I tell myself.
Don’t want to ruin a great friendship.
Finally, he has said it.
But I am to scared to ruin a great friendship.
Going on dates won’t ruin a friendship, right?
The past scares me from this blessing.
Similarities are in full bloom.

Did you notice?
Favorite that you are.

Hiding behind my own worries and whimsical thoughts.
Because Im scared from my past.
Not wanting to ruin us.

Do you?
Nervousness rushing within my veins..

Although I act cool and calm.
Waves push upon my heart.
Pulling at the strings as I resist.
Why can’t it just be like fairy tales?
But they are lies..
Unconditional love can not exists.
Why did this blessing accrue when I am afraid?
Spending weekend nights..
Laughing and sharing happy moments.
Everyone notices although I try to hide..
I am scared because of the past.

Did you notice?