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Poem: A Busy Love

From my old archives of poems I unearthed a lot of once forgotten. Around this time in 2011 a lot was happening in my life where things were changing drastically for the past couple months during the time I wrote this. Best friends, plans unfold that I personally never thought would happen.. and so much more..

What do you think this is about?

Days pass by in a flash.. All blending together in a giant pot.
Is it Monday or is it Friday?
The holidays rang near while i question the very thought that it is here.
Soft twinkled show from the evergreen that sits a sad two feet tall.
Its sold, and the closing day is the end of next month,
Not long after my birthday.
Everything will be closer, while I’m getting used to the new surroundings.
The flowers shout my name,
Every gust of wind intrudes on my ignorance while brown eyes stare upon me.
Dancing knights and princesses glide in the wind.
Is that snow?
A symphony plays near by to only succeed to my questions.
Without notice due to the busy days and hectic life,
The thing I love makes itself known with his announcement of his adventure ahead.
Long time pals with pinkies tied together..
A long never-ending red string that tangles, stretches and bends but never breaks.
The future is here and maybe sometimes will catch each other just at the right glimpse.