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Discover How to Make Extra Money Every Week on Mercari by Using These Simple Steps and Improve Your Sales!!

Today everyone wants to sell those unused items in the closet or tucked away in a cabinet in the kitchen. Of all the platforms I have run into Mercari is the one I enjoyed the most! Mercari is a mobile selling platform gives a more friendlier buying and selling interface where you can reach out and see what others have for sale. Like a garage sale but you don’t have strangers coming over or meeting up with them to trade items. I personally like this option best and I did not want to go into Poshmark because of their fee’s and everyone treated Poshmark like they had their very own Amazon store.

Rock Rebel Rose Necklace
Rock Rebel Rose Necklace

Of course Mercari has three steps to take to sell an item which are:

  • Snap a photo of the item, add description and enter the price
  • Ship that item once sold
  • Rate the transaction then you’ll get paid.

Well, I am not going to just leave you hanging! Here are the best things I’ve done and have sold everything I wished for and got custom orders out of it! Customers found me elsewhere because my account name seems to translate across the board for other apps! Helps when I want more sells but becomes frustrating due to rules in the app (no mentioning personal information such as email, Facebook or anything else).

Selling your Item(s)
This can be super easy and I will help with this! All the pictures you will see here are mine, that I have used in my shop! If you want to check out my shop feel free at this link: Mreowbox on Mercari

Forever 21 Summer Dress

Before posting the item you want to get some pictures of said item. Mercari now allows up to eight (8) photos per a posting and make sure your using photos of the item your actually selling; as in take the photos yourself.

Use a dress form, mannequin, or a human to hang said item or a shadow box to better light up the item like the picture of my old necklace, Its sold 04/20/18. If you don’t have one of those or don’t want to model you can also use a hanger or lay it flat on the floor like I did for my summer dress. Make sure its well lighted during the peak hours (brightest times of the day!) for best pictures.. Or do what I do and use lamps and some natural white light bulbs.

Parsley and Stripe Tie
Parsley and Stripe Tie
Beauty And The Beast Tank Top
Beauty and The Beast Tank Top

Now once you have a lot of pictures (I stop taking pictures around 8 or 9.. and edit, make them brighter and crop stuff I don’t want in there.. There was a cat laying down in front of the door! But you would have never known until now..

Next the description is key! Explain item such as colors, style, how it used to fit or still does, what material is it made out of, include measurements and any odd detail along with any imperfections. As much information as you can here will help so many buyers make that decision because you already explained the measurements (bust, waist, hip and shoulder to hem are the key measurement spots) or because you mentioned that although it’s a size Small it fits like a Medium or large from how loose it is. Of course include measurements with that type of statement.

I like to name my item after the description part because I can easily get that rolling because I thought of all what needs to be in the description. Here it is good to use as much of the 40 characters as possible which include brand name, size, new or used unless its handmade then whatever you want to name the item of course include character reference if it is a character from Pokemon inspired.

From there you will include the condition, size, shipping, brand name, category and up to three tags. These are the category which helps define the item and helps the buyers find it. Its like on eBay or amazon!! Some will have a sub category like women -> jewelry -> rings. Condition of course is easy and should be fairly the most easiest of the ones to choose besides the size which is new (still in the package), used, etc. Now the shipping fee is up to you, Mercari has a shipping label system which i feel is over priced unless it’s a large item or bulky that it could be 10 – 22 lbs. my preferred method of shipping is to list it as free shipping then use because it’s about half the price mercari’s shipping label system if not less but you will need a paypal account if you wish to use this method. Mercari itself has their shipping labels which are as follows:

  • 0-.5 lbs $4 USPS (prints a First Class label that covers 8 oz)
  • .5 – 3 LBS $6 USPS (prints a Priority label that covers 5 LBS)
  • 3 – 10 LBS $9 USPS (prints a Priority label that covers 12 LBS)
  • 10 – 20 LBS $15 USPS (prints a priority label that covers 22 LBS)

Personally if it is under 1 lbs (16 oz) I would just use paypal cause it can save you anywhere from .20 – 1.75 or more in change.

Adventure Time Belt
Adventure Time Belt

And lastly pricing. I tend to do this last because depending what you typed in the description, name and tags can recommend a nice price to you! This is where you select how much you want to charge people for the item you have. Keep in mind, some users will want to buy things at $2. This is impossible as the system won’t allow anything to be sold under $3. Many New users don’t know this. So be aware of this when people send you an offer and you don’t have to accept the offer right away!! Wait it out..

Now you are free to post the item!!

Last thing: REPOST! REPOST!! REPOST!!! I mean really.. Repost.. Repost items that haven’t had any comments posted on them! After a few days, your item loses view ability on the platform. The only way someone finds your item is if they are looking for what you have by name or via category. Deleting and reposting the item will give it a fresh new start on being viewable again and gets a better chance of being purchased. I normally do this once a week, once I have done this 3 times I tend to discount the items by a lot of take it to the local salvation army.

I recommend saving the images you used for unsold items so you don’t have to keep retaking the pictures over and over again. Also, copy and paste the description of the item that you’re going to repost. This will also save time from having to retype everything, especially if you made a very detailed description of your item. I even take one or two new photos if it’s the 2nd time im reposting the item. Maybe the light was not great or a new angle is needed such as laying it on the floor or wearing it in a picture.

And always wash the item before you send it!!!

These simple steps will help boost sales, improve them and make money every week because I tend to have a sale once a week over the weekend! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this read and helps you bring in some sales!

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