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The Best Transcendent course to Loosen up your Consciousness while You are at Work

We have all been there.. Tired, stressed, needing to step outside for a breath of fresh air and just can not right now. I know I have been at this moment a lot more than I wish to admit. Which is why I wanted to share what I do when this situation arrives while I am at work!

This is when you need something right now to help get to that transcendent place of mind while you are at work.


Workplace De-clutter

When things seem to become over whelmed and your desk, even your digital desktop, is over crowded with stuff. Means something your parents kept nagging you about, I know mine did, cleaning your room actually reflects in your space and vice versa to your brain. This is something you can do even on the busiest of work days by just taking a five (5) minute breather to de-clutter those empty wrappers, scrap papers and other trash right into your trash along with those random files loitering on your desktop makes a huge difference!

Too much stuff can be a visual distraction and clutter free surroundings tend to create a peaceful working environment which also leads to find things easier. Unless your like me and think its time to redecorate every time you clean your office space.

Meditation technique

This is known as the fastest way to reconnect with your body, combat stress and anxiety. We know at least one person in every office who needs to do this more! What you need to do is start at your toes, tensing and slowly releasing the muscles. Gradually work your way up your body by tensing and releasing the muscles in those feet, legs, torso, arms, neck and even your face. Be careful not to scare your co-workers tho!!!

It does not take long at all to work your way up your body and by the time you had finished you’ll be surprised how energized and ready for the day you will be. Tackling those task will be an easy chore that won’t seem like one anymore.

Another meditation technique is Mini-meditations where you just sit at your desk with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. Let it come into your body then let it go. This helps with centering yourself no matter what is going on at work!

Get a Massage

Massage Ball Set by Vive - Hot Cold Therapy Kit for Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain, Sore Muscles, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Heel Spur - Heat Spike Ball Massager (5 Pieces) Bag IncludedSelf-acupressure might improve physical factors like relieving stress and health problems. This means you don’t have to get someone else to administer acupuncture! I like this idea so much because it helps calms the nerves and it becomes a mini moment for yourself to enjoy.

Two things you can do while at work: get yourself a message ball to have at your desk for your palm, foot, neck, arm, and back massages throughout the day. I have one that I keep in my desk at work, one is spiky while the other is not as much. The exact one I got is the Massage ball set by Vive which is the picture above! I use the blue one on my feet mostly and the small balls on my necks, arms, legs and palms. Sometimes my back as well!

The other thing you can do at work is gently pinching the fleshy part between your thumb and pointer finger then the soft spot right below your sternum. You will begin to massage in small circles but remember to keep it firm but gentle to relax your muscles. This will help you relax while feeling stressed!

Munch Time

Flat Lay Photography of tea in White Teacup With Saucer

This part seems maybe a little counter intuitive but it will help so much! Get yourself some green tea, I know but it really will help! Green tea has this wonderful source of L-Theanine which helps relieve anger! I like to drink Lipton Green tea, but there are so many options you can choose from and i put a little bit of honey into my tea to give it some sweetness. This actually helps releases stress by fighting depression and anxiety by reducing inflammation in the brain. Some pretty awesome stuff right?

The next is some thins you can pack into your lunch such as CHOCOLATE!! Just a square or about 1.4 ounces will do the trick, especially dark chocolate since its known to regulate the stress hormone cortisol and stabilize metabolism. Then there is mango which is like a mini trip to a tropical paradise at your desk. The linalool will help lower the stress levels and help you relax. And the last thing you can add to your lunch box is a crunchy snack like trail mix or a bag of celery sticks. This does nothing more than satisfy the need to munch on something sweet but by doing this when stressed its better on your health!

Add some Decor

Pink Carnation Flower and Pink Rose Flower in Clear Glass Vase Beside Mug of Coffee

I know.. I just told you to de-clutter your desk but really this is more about sniffing stuff that smell nice! Get yourself some really awesome flowers that smell oh so good! When anxiety hits go sniff them as certain odors can change your mood and its hard to be mad with a face full of flowers!

Get some aromatherapy like a drop of lavender, tea tree or another essential oil onto your palm then inhale. These soothing scents help reduce stress and anxiety while stimulating smell receptors in that nose of yours which somehow is connected to the part of the brain that regulates emotions. Crazy how that works right? My coworker has an air purifier that has essential oils she dabs in every so often and I just love going into her office cause it smells so awesome and the air is just so soft and inviting.

Lastly get something citrus! it helps us to relax by increasing the levels of norepinephrine which is a stress related hormone or you could sniff that coffee you drink every morning, like I do, because it does the same thing. Or just go stand by the coffee pot in the break room.. Just don’t creep out your coworkers.