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A Poem: Beacon of Light

So this one is a little different then previous poems. This is actually about a video game character that is fighting with a crew then something happens. So yeah! Enjoy 🙂

Woman Wears Gold-colored Blue Gemstone Pendant NecklaceMy heart and my string
Long you have waited
Leading to feelings of frustrated.

A tiny piece a wear
To show that im still here
A beacon of hope
To wear into battle.

Long waste the days
Of metal of iron
Where nothing wins
But a small light.

Glowing ever so bright
My beacon of hope
A crystallize piece
Protecting while they war.

They storm overhead
Loud crash of metal
Iron shape little light
Flashing all around.

Am I safe here?
The light changes
A bright amythest
Healing those around.

Cautious and weak
Landing to the ground
The light strengths
Everything goes away.

Moments of bright light
Silence all around
What is going on?
Where am I?

He approach smiling
Dark armor and a sword
Extending a mug
Am I safe here?

The beacon of light
Shining still bright
Blue hues of regen
My precious stone.