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A Story: The Reason a Few Post got Re-posted….

SO all of you may of noticed that this book/personal blog has.. ” reposted” a few things over the course of August. Well, there is a very specific reason to this and things became so busy with news along with moving, unpacking, unexpected events and…..

Glad to finally share my little secret with the world! Well close friends and readers of my life. You may see updates as my journey continues and working out as I go through these weeks together with my partner. As of today we are 13 weeks! We have scheduled a gender test already (4 WEEKS AWAY TILL THE TEST!) and everything seems to be perfect (we had a appointment yesterday!)

I know for a lot of people, including myself, when I saw or heard pregnancy announcements i would feel a pull at my heart and become sad. I’ve had miscarriages and lost babies way before i was in the 2nd trimester or halfway through it.

There were times I just gave up on wanting to be a mother but being around Lyla (Future Step daughter) brought this out a lot more along with happy emotions to see her grow over the last years. I can’t believe she is about to start school next year and I know this news to some family members and friends whom have been trying or can’t conceive as of yet due to infertility and happen to be single.. You’ll have your time and I to used to think When will it be my turn. Well my turn came as a surprise and way earlier than me and my partner had planned.

Which is why this is as public with my announcement as I’ll be.. Besides telling every friend I possibly can when I see them since this type of news is more sentimental in person. I know this is not always the case but I just don’t want to hurt someone I love and care for whom wishes one day or is trying.


I remember sitting there after informing the significant other that we might be as i’m late. He instantly is super calm and is smiling from ear to ear excited to find out but does not want to be too excited over it. He wanted confirmation from the doctor.

I will go in depth on how the little one came to be…I’ll be posting about my journey with my first pregnancy as things evolve and move along..

This is a blog that isn’t about pregnancy but is about my life.. And this is apart of it! This will be the focus on the next couple months until he or she is born then there will be additions like crafts, decoration, learning and whatever else I feel like sharing!

I will not post weekly things but try to cramp them into little sections as time permits. I know I want to play catch up with how things are and once we are current then things will go by each week thoughts and such since this is my first child and my precious rainbow baby. Yes I’m super excited to tell Lyla but also worried how she will react. I hope she will be excited for a little step-sibling! 🙂

Our baby Mondonedo is due 14th of February 2019.

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