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A Story: A Family in Mourning

We all been there; something happens and now you have to travel or prepare for the loved one whom passed. Getting arrangements together, even for the ones not directly involved to make it out to pay respects. 

Myself and the family went through this last week. It came as a shock and swept through all of us like a wave. It came on early Monday morning and held tightly until it was time to head out on a long drive. It felt much longer than it really was and the anxious feeling clutched onto each of us as the days grew closer. Seeing family whom you haven’t seen in years is a hard thing while your siblings and parents have seen them a lot sooner than you had previously. We all grew up, some got married and others graduated while promotions and job changes happened. Some moved and everything just seems so different.

Getting to see them and could tell the hurt although a smile laid upon their face as hellos, welcomes, how are you, what do you do now, and minor catch up conversations happens. A few secrets to hold a little longer as I patiently wait to spill the wonderful news but this just was not the time. You can see the happiness to see family, to have loved ones near and to catch up over pizza and home cooked meals.

Playing card or dice games while we waste time away and chat away. Catching up and hearing about plans for the future then seeing the sadness on their faces with plans not yet reached and hopefulness as future is all before them. I wish I could share my little secret but a little longer. Plans to meet every year at least once arise and all of us make a promise to get together.

We lost a wonderful man but he gained a wonderful spirit.