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Poem: The Day

Here is another Poem from years ago! 2011 to be exact and I made everyone guess what this poem was about but never exactly told anyone what this was about.

Can you figure it out?

Woman on Princess Costume Waving Her Dress on Green Flower Fields

Dance to my pulse

In the azure

You will hear

All the azure I paint.

Shhh…she says now

With whispering breeze

All will come

The day the sky turns orange

I do not desire

Let me dance among the fortune of stars

The bright big orange

Warmth within me

I hear a sigh

She is near

Waves hit the tide

As all becomes tranquil

The day the sky turns orange

Maybe they will see

The sky i painted….

Will they notice?

What i hide?

Happiness is only a few blocks away

In Lego shape streets so small

She wears a smile

Laced in orange stitches

She smells so good

Roses bloom from her mouth


Is summer