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The Perfect Meaningful Sunday: What You Will do to Reflect the Best Sunday for You.

Either you want a productive Sunday, one that stays with you that helps you reflect on your awful week prior or recover from the fuzzy weekend you just had. ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’ said every Pinterest quote board ever. My relationship with Sundays were always trying to study for the upcoming week, finishing up whatever else I had to do and not actually enjoying my Sunday which I hated cause I love my Sundays now and before college. The Sunday blues would normally kick in and the weekend was over where work was the next day but I started to set goals and things to do on Sunday which made the rest of the week successful, relaxing and anxiety free. Which is wonderful because like most people, I to have anxiety.

Just follow these simple steps, tricks or in this case suggestions:

Be CraftyPurple Pink Yellow Red and Multi Colored Yarn Roll


Create something, whether its practicing your calligraphy, taking photos or making some delicious deserts. Doing this will have your brain thanking you the rest of the week as you only took an hour or so to be creative.

Wake up Early

Sunday morning after a night out drinking or a late night watching a series is something I do not like doing either but it sure does help to wake up early and have hours upon hours to do something instead of waking up at noon or later than have to be in bed by ten pm.. Just doesn’t work cause then you want to stay up later than Monday and the rest of the week is just ruined. You can do so much with just an extra three to four hours to do anything or whatever.

White Hot Mug on Book Near Linen

Fresh Ingredients

Something delicious and healthy will set yourself up for a healthy week because that salad of delicious portions are anyone’s favorite friend when trying to eat light or healthy.

Break a Sweat

A good morning workout is always what the doctor’s order and helps you get ready for the day. Be it yoga or a brisk walk/run around your neighborhood. Perhaps hit the gym since its normally the slowest day of the week especially in the south! But breaking a sweat will help wake you up and clear your mind which is a good reason to schedule a hike or nature walk with friends or that special someone.

People Exercising

Socializing A little

Get out of your phone and enjoy that moment without a bright light between you and whomever you are physically hanging out with. I have a no phone rule on Sunday which sometimes I don’t follow to a T but other times It’s like Monday morning I am trying to figure out where my phone went or why it was not charging. These short breaks from your phone or other electronic devices will restore your creativity and new ideas will come flowing in naturally because you stopped to take in your surroundings.


Plan your next adventure, or figure out your outfits for the week. Maybe even clean up your hiking gear or do some laundry. The sheer enjoyment of preparing will restart your mind and come Monday you will be glad you did!