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Goodbye 1st Trimester

Finally a end to the first trimester (almost) as i get closer to 2nd with the end of the first trimester issues.

We also received our first few gifts for Baby Mondonedo! It’s a bit surreal receiving diapers in the mail, an outfit and a few other things. This is really happening!

.. Anyway, time for an update. We are almost caught up! We’re 15 weeks + 1 day, so today I’m catching you up on weeks 11-12, and on Monday I’ll post weeks 13 & 14! Yay! I officially started the baby bump photos in my 13th week! So almost time for the pictures ❤

week 11

  • The blood moon was awesome to see although I couldn’t physically see it where I am right now.


  • Little Jellyfish is the size of a lime.. How? And yet I look like a watermelon growing from my stomach..
  • Doctor was out so I met with Dr. Lancomb which is a female. I wasn’t sure what to expect but her nurses are super nice!
  • I’m switching doctors.
  • Still can’t decide on hospital to give birth but have a very strong idea.
  • Agree on a boy middle name finally!
  • Double checked due date; Valentines day!
  • Doctor took me off progesterone (oh yessssssss <3)

week 12

  • Had so much energy today. What is this?! Woke up to a spring in my step and slept in. Love Sundays.
  • Woke up to horrible news; feel disoriented and tired. Uncle passed away.
  • Went out to eat with friends; got some delicious wings! Stole some fries and fried pickles from friends (so work it!)
  • Went shopping with love and he will not let me carry anything. I’m not even that big yet.
He giving directions to our friends as We make our way to the wing place downtown.
  • Stretching in my stomach has gotten better and doesn’t hurt as much.. Still have an issue with “Taking it slow”.
  • Drove to atlanta after work on Friday. Felt like it took forever and kept having panic attacks.
  • Caught up with family and aunt cried in private to me and my mother. We all played games and trying to keep this a secret is HARD. I want to tell so bad but also they are judgmental.
  • Cousins asked when i plan to have kids, said when the time is right. I asked them and one responded in a year or two (they just married last month) and the other seemed sad and mentioned when god grants them (they been trying.. sad; Hope they can soon! I hate to have her feel awful cause I was when they are trying)
  • Drove back Sunday; I wanted to stay longer.
  • Haven’t felt you move in awhile. Wondering if your ok.

    Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor
    Playing farkle with family


That wraps everything up! 🙂

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