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Cover_Exit Stage Left.jpgMegan O’Day seems to be navigating the unpredictable relationship with Geoffrey Drake, her centuries-old vampire guardian angel, rather well. But then his past suddenly rips him from her, forcing her to face the unknown future alone in the gripping sequel to The Stage.

Still bound to Geoffrey through the power of the Link despite his unexplained absence, Megan’s mind is flooded with his haunted memories. While she relives the darkest moments of his previous life, she discovers his attachment to a woman who bears a striking resemblance to her.

As she questions Geoffrey’s love for her, she strikes up a dangerous alliance with Geoffrey’s brother, Alexander, who is also a vampire. She hopes that he will help her find a way to rescue Geoffrey: instead, he seems to be awakening new emotions and desires within her.

As the past and present collide, Megan struggles to fend off Alexander’s dark seduction. Is Geoffrey truly beyond the reach of her love forever? If not, what must be sacrificed to bring them back together again?

GENRE:  Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Length: 375 Pages

Publisher: May 24th 2018 by Barking Rain Press

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Geoffrey and I stepped into one elevator, the others squeezed into the other. I fumbled with the box as the elevator doors closed. The elevator jerked slightly. Geoffrey had pushed the stop button, and gently took the box from my hands as the elevator halted between floors. I grinned, knowing what he was up to. I reached up to his delicious mouth as his cool palms softly held my face.

Whenever our lips touched the link became a hyper wire of electric current. My tongue danced in time with his as his venom flowed into me. Along with my being the mythological link to him, we’d also discovered that I was immune to his venom—but mind you, it still had its drawbacks. Sure, it gave me enhanced senses and physical abilities, but it also made me sicker than a dog if the dose was too big, basically a nasty hangover.

Just as his icy fingers skimmed my waist, the call buzzer rang, interrupting our moment. I had about two seconds before he pulled away, so I held him tighter to me, tugging on his delicious lower lip a bit longer, and his fingers grazed the top of my hips, which only made me want him more.

Damn buzzer. And I was just getting started, too. He grinned as I tucked my shirt back in.

“At least we won’t have interruptions to worry about anymore,” he said aloud as he tucked my hair back behind my ear, sending a small thrill through me.

The Author

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    1. Well hello Bernie! Actually yes. Most are lovingly from my mind however there are a select few that are reincarnations if you well of people that are currently in my life or from my past. Great to see you here. Thanks for dropping by. 🖤🦇🖤🦇

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    1. Its my pleasure and thank you for publishing such a interesting book! I’ll have to pick it up 🙂


      1. I try to read every book that comes across my path that looks interesting :). What is your favorite response to your book so far? I love hearing about authors journey!


      2. I’ve had duplicate inquiries if my characters are based on real people in my life. It’s ironic, that some of the characters are physically based on them, some I didn’t even realize I had fashioned them after real people until I dove into flushing them out for my back stories and such. With one character, Andrew, I had in my minds eye how he was styled, what he looked like…then one day a fellow coworker walked past my desk…and WHAM…it hit me. I had duplicated him into Andrew! It’s funny how the mind works.

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      3. Oh my goodness that is amazing and I can understand why that would be a duplicate question due to that is something our brain does! I wonder just how many characters are pulled from real life people and how many authors do not realize it.


  1. Congrats on the tour and thank you for the opportunity to read about another great book. With so many readers in my family, always great to hear about more choices I think they’d enjoy reading.Having a family who loves to read, I always

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    1. Your so welcome! The author, Mrs. Russell, is here to answer any questions if you have any & thank you for coming to my blog to see what new books are out there! 🙂


    1. When it comes to covers I really enjoy that part of the whole creation process. So fun putting together different elements to make my vision become a reality. Glad it “caught your eye”! Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by. 🦇🖤🦇🖤

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