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Pregnancy: Weeks 13-14

Hello hello party people!

Second trimester is officially on the move! It’s hard to believe we’ll be scheduling our gender reveal scan at the appointment coming up which is exciting. I can’t wait to see our little girl/boy! AH! Can. Not. Wait. I think I have a pretty strong gut feeling, but my gut feeling has been known to be wrong in the past, so I guess I honestly have no idea at this point. I could easily imagine either one blending in with our family perfectly!

So far this week I’ve been able to squeeze in two good long walks, and for that I am quite proud of myself. If I can squeeze in one or two more I will be thrilled! We’re 16 weeks as of yesterday, and I’m cautiously optimistic that this is all wonderful.

Here are the updates!

Week 13

  • Gone for a walk; was very long and my feet hurt. But i liked the fresh air and glad I went. It was nice to get out and do something I would normally do since I had little to no energy.
  • Your the size of a Hot Pepper now. and Ovia Pregnancy is just so happy to have me entering over 100 data of information.
  • Your lower body is catching up with the size of your head and I remember looking for your heartbeat earlier this month. So strong and ready to take on the world. Can’t wait to find out your gender.
  • Had a dream where you were a boy that we picked out a name for. And you were so handsome yet I only saw you for a second.
  • I feel like a melon. Seriously have almost out sized my pants and might have to seriously start pregnancy clothes shopping soon! Not exciting at all.
Downtown walking right before a storm came
  • Its only Tuesday and I want to go back to bed while I hope for movement! Which I think i felt something at work this afternoon but not very positive. The *flutter* was soft.. Very soft.

Week 14

  • Your the size of a Beet! Made me think of The Office and I got excited ❤ I can’t wait to find out your gender ❤
  • The thirst is real.. I can not stop being hydrated (called the doctor; awaiting nurse to call back with doctors orders) but I got a humidifier for the bedroom which seems to be helping :).
  • Mercury is out of retrograde (finally!!) and I surprisingly had a wonderful day. Unpacked the last of my boxes (minus 2; fine china in one and yarn in the other. They are hidden now)
  • I think everyone around me is sick 😦
  • 25 weeks to go till I meet the little one ❤
  • Have blood work to be done; So anxious.. I don’t want more complications 😦 (i been overly thirsty since week 12.. No signs that it will ease up)

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