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16 Weeks

Quickly things are changing and stuff is happening. I can’t believe i’m almost halfway!

So right into week 16!!

woman holding baby's orange animal shoes

  • Holy Cow! Your as big as a dill pickle! I love pickles so thats awesome and with a less sour personality I hope.
  • You can officially detect light through my belly.. What?!? how?
  • Samples are my best friend ❤ Enfamil samples are going to be the best support as breast feeding will be a journey and baby’s dad is Lactose intolerant.. SO if baby is I can stock up!
  • My friend, love her, wants to help with the gender reveal. Thinking of something intimate for close friends and family (roughly 20 people). I support this of her.
  • My appitite is like 0 and i can’t stomach spicey things now.. UGH! I love spicey stuff