New Release: Rogue Dragon Rising By TJ Shaw

Twenty-three year old, Amari Hawke, is thrust into the world of two-soul shifters when she is injured and kidnapped by trackers outside the veil, beyond the safety of her homeland. Unable to remember her past, she trusts no one and relies on instinct to survive. As her awakening approaches, the first time she will transition into her animal, she must evade rogue shifters trying to capture her.
Now free from the King’s Army, powerful dragon lord, Jaxon Blackthorn, seeks a peaceful life. Intent on building his lands into a viable plantation, away from war and bloodshed, he is reluctantly pulled back into the fight when he defends the mysterious shifter with no past against an unseen enemy.
As evil threatens to destroy the entire realm, can the battle-hardened warrior and coming-of-age noblewoman accept their differences to forge an alliance that will ultimately unite the shifter nations?

Series: Outside the Vale book 1
Publish Date: September 17, 2018
Publisher: Forgotten Dreams Publishing, LLC
Genre: Gothic Romance
Pages: 196
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What others are saying

“I found the story intriguing.” ~Editor Mary Altman, Sourcebooks

“I was immediately drawn into the story and anxious to learn more about the heroine and hero.” ~Editor El Felder, The Wild Rose Press

“The author shows a perfected skill with dialogue that moves the plot ahead and reveals character in ways narrative and description cannot. The compulsion to turn the page stays with the reader from start to finish.” ~TARA contest judge