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17 & 18 Weeks

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Happy Friday Everyone,

Its been a minute since I updated on how the weeks are going. Currently I am 19 wks and today I learn what we are having! Excitement but I’ll make you all wait to find out.

17 weeks

  • Your the size of an adorable Pomegranate!!
  • Planning my maternity leave starts NOW ❤
  • Why am I so exhausted? Where did this come from? I feel like I could sleep for a week.. The need to be alone is also very strong; what is this? And the need to be in nature calls me home.
  • Have had no cravings all the sudden and my appetite is down like before I was expecting yet my thirst is still so strong.
  • I very much enjoyed the rain today ❤ Got to cuddle up on the couch and nap for a while which lead to the start of weird dreams!
  • Got to watch the Nun! It was super scary but I loved it!rain dropping from roof

18 Weeks

  • Your the size of a Artichoke! Getting bigger and bigger just spinning around, kicking and punching your way! My little martial artist.
  • Happy Four Months pregnant to me ❤ Wow.. Almost halfway there!
  • I felt you hiccup the other day; that was weird and I get exhausted earlier than normal. Its a weird addition to me unable to fall asleep pre-pregnancy and now.
  • Cravings are still non-existent which is nice and have not had any aversions. This is nice but I’m thankful I do not.
  • Still quite thirsty.. I’m so tired of water lol.
  • Woke up to Ninja cuddling me at 5am on my nightly routine to go pee. This is a new normal that I do not like.. I tried to stay in bed but baby was pushing on my bladder which made Ninja move. He came back to cuddle tho; This made my night and morning <3.