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Its A…..

I’ve got an announcement to make! We recently found out what Baby Mondonedo is, and we could not be more excited! But first, here’s a quick look at how he/she measured up in the old wives tales!

Chinese Gender Calendar: Boy
Salty or Sweet: Salty (boy)
Acne: Nope; Looking beautiful! (boy)
Headaches: Kinda (Boy)
Belly Shape (Football (B) or all over (G)): Football (Boy)
High or Low: Low (Boy)
Nail Growth: boy
Ramzi Method: Left & Reversed (Boy)
Sleep side left or right: Left (boy)
Heart rate above or below 140: At or around 140 – 150. Latest was 160. (girl)
Mayan calendar: Even (Girl)
Husband gaining sympathy weight: No (boy)
Morning sickness: Yes; but not after 1st trimester (Boy)
Soft or dry hands: Soft (girl)
Graceful or clumsy: Clumsy (boy)
Mood swings/ Moody vs. Mellow: Yes /Moody!!! (girl)
Grandpa predictions: He claims love is stuck with girls.. (Girl) while his dad believes its a boy (Boy)
General consensus: Boy
Grandmother prediction: Both doesn’t care lol I think one of them was hoping for a boy..
Dreams: Girl when I was younger, since 2nd trimester boy. (boy)
True gut feeling: 2nd Trimester: Really want a boy!! (boy)

Predictions: Girl ( 5 ) / Boy ( 16 )

Guess were having a boy maybe? Find out below!!!!

42930637_10156501268061855_7825593080903368704_n.jpgSo we are instantly brought back to check little ones growth and we found pretty much everything but a tiny portion of her brain. The next appointment we will look more!

There seemed to be nothing wrong with the little one besides I had lost weight.

3 lbs but still! I felt so awful when i saw it come on the scale. I played over in my head how much I was eating, how active I was and so on.

I was eating when I was hungry. Which that makes sense ya know! And I was swimming a bunch and walking a little more since I got my energy back.

The nurse asked if we want to know what the gender is but as I stare at the screen with a smirk I already knew even though I had no concrete proof.. but then they got a better angle at the potty shot on the screen…


We are having a little girl. Yeah, out of everyone whom made a guess only four (4) people said girl. We were all fooled and I am sure she is laughing at us for thinking so. I spent the next few hours after finding out either upset because I was so sure I was having a boy or can’t stop smiling and giggling cause I am getting a mini-me. Now to decorate as much as possible with as little as possible pink.. This will be a challenge!


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    1. Thank you Ladies! ❤ We have been contemplating the decor – we are going with Dinosaurs. Surprisingly have found a lot of dino stuff for girls!


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