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Poem: The Secret Within

A Poem from long ago.. A time I want to forget but the words still as powerful as the day I wrote it. Please enjoy

Another night like this
Like a cage, I can not escape from…
This feeling haunts me again.
Alone it ambushes me,
Bringing me down into the dark abyss

What have I done to deserve this?
What did I even do to trigger this?

Every other night it happens….
Like a pack ambushing something helpless…
It comes without surrender
Bringing me down into the dark abyss….
Calling me like its nothing…
Slurring random things..
Why do… I deserve this?

Every night…
I’m trapped within my own prison.
Slowly I get free… But
It brings me back into the dark abyss..
Every other night…
It’s like a moment in repeat…