Different Princess: Pirate Princess by Amy Potter Review

So every night I tuck my little step daughter and tiny into bed and read them a story.. So i decided I needed to review these stories that I have read! So welcome into the categories for book reviews: Children!

A Different Princess: Pirate Princess by [Potter, Amy]
A Different Princess: Pirate Princess by Amy Potter

Amy likes to be a princess, but not only a princess. She likes to be a different princess each night. Her magic unicorn Huggy brings her to dream worlds where they have a lot of fun.


Illustrator: Lisa Sheppard

Age Level: 3 – 8

Grade Level: P – 2

Length: 51 Pages

Publication Date: October 1, 2013

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #9,202 Free in Kindle Store

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I want to start this review off by saying I did not pick this book to read! My step daughter wanted me to read it; I let her pick the books that I can get free from amazon, good reads or through my kindle unlimited. She picked this one because there is a pirate and a unicorn.

We are thrown into a world of pirates and a unicorn? how interesting that we get to meet Amy on such a journey at bedtime. She has a brief introduction of every night she is a new princess before she goes to be. How cute is this? I thought this would give my step daughter some ideas but she just enjoys listening to us read to her.

The fisherman tells us about an evil, tiny pirate called Pink-Beard that steals their fish. He is also worried because there are fewer fish in the sea than before.

The words were simple enough for a child to read but there was no direction of who was saying what. Only reason I did not include a short excerpt of one page was because you would have no idea who was speaking!! However, the illustrations were just cute but I think they could of been a wee better with how they portrayed a couple characters.

A couple punctuation was completely off and for a child this would make things difficult to read. I am not sure if there was a editor or what! My step daughter seems to enjoy it but it jumps around like a four year old telling a story.

Huggy flies around Ghost Galleon and fixes everything with his magic rainbows. Also, he decides to add some flowers to make it look happier!

Overall the story was sweet along with the issues at hand. If a four year old made up this story then I would so understand but I think it could of been written so much better. Especially for a bedtime story! My opinion of this book is not of the highest but it is there. Because of the glaring issues I give this book a 2 star.

2 stars

The Author

Amy Potter is a children’s teacher who loves writing for kids.

She writes fantasy stories that feed children´s imagination. She has created Amy Little Princess based on herself to tell the stories that she would love to read when she was a child.

Amy Potter is a mom of two children.