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5 Ways to Stay Organized

SO i am a junky when it comes to being organized. I love being organized as it helps me stay ontop of things and feeling of being in control! Now i want to share with you on how I do that!

Write Everything Down

Whether you’re the type who likes to use a 12-month planner and cross off all your items with a pen; or the tech-savvy worker who has an organized Google calendar, make sure you have everything on your to-do list, or any important events written down. An online calendar program can be ideal, as it is accessible from anywhere, can be synced to your phone and devices, easily edited and color-coded for further organization. 

With your days laid out in front of you, it can be easier to block off free days when you need them and regulate your workflow to ensure there are fewer spikes and dry spells. Keeping a constant eye on deadlines also helps you to make sure that things are done in time and without rushing and causing quality to suffer. Moreover, when it comes to my Google calendar, I color-code all of my different tasks, with the most important deadlines being in orange–that way they stand out and it’s hard to forget them! 

Keep a calendar, planner, notebook, or set of post-it notes along with plenty of writing utensils with you. When an important commitment is brought to your attention, you will have what you need to record it unless your using a app. Keep notes that are brief, detailed, and legible to help you stay organized.

As an experiment, try writing down people’s names shortly after you meet them (when they’re not looking). I’ll bet you remember a lot more names that way.

Do One Thing at A Time

One of the best thing you can do to help you organize yourself is to try and focus on one thing at a time. I know that can be hard in this day and age since it’s so easy to multi-task, but, multi-tasking creates stress faster which, in turn, makes it harder to get all of your work done.

Instead of trying to write e-mails while working on a project while also sitting in on a meeting–slow down. Take each assignment, task or project one at a time. If you have to make a bunch of phone calls for your job, set aside an hour where that’s all you do is catch up on your phone calls, and then set aside another hour where all you do is answer your e-mails.

One Load of Laundry a Day

Oh I know what your thinking! No one likes laundry day but if you break into small loads that you do daily then it wont be so bad. Start the load first thing before dinner then move to the dryer. You can leave it over night that way in the morning you have clean fresh clothes that will be easier to handle then a huge pile!

It will leave you from feeling overwhelmed and putting away like 15 items instead of two baskets worth is a lot more easier on me than the loads of baskets!! Also is quicker to clean in the washer or dryer! You’ll thank yourself later as you can consider it as saving money on water and electricity since it will get done faster.

15 Minute Power Clean

Cleaning is the worst thing and on my days off I hated it. There was always laundry, dishes to clean and whatever else. Now every morning I make my bed and set a 15 minute timer to clean whatever I can! I do this again before I wind down for bed as well which doesn’t take as long! I always wake up to a clean sink which for some reason puts a smile on my face and I feel accomplished. Also seeing the house picked up and not torn to threads is also a blessing as I do not have to worry about much cleaning after the first couple days! Now I have more time to relax or watch tv or go for a walk.

After the first couple days now I get all the cleaning done in record time!

Deep Clean One Room a Month

Yeah. I know more cleaning. Like Kri, Come on? Really? Yes really! This helps with keeping your place looking spotless and after the first cleaning of the entire place over you will thank yourself! Now once a week I just clean everything with a nice wipe down which only takes 30 to 50 minutes depending on what needs to be wiped down. It helps keep your area looking wonderful and no spontaneous cleaning before guest as your place will already be clean!

Even your guest will be asking your secrets.