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A Story: How I Found Out…

So we all have been there.. Best friend and you spend all the time. We see each other everywhere and even lend each other clothes when asked. It was a thing you do.. But this is a story how I found out my Ex Best Friend was a thief.

It was Junior year of high school during the spring time and I am still getting accustomed to this new landscape I find myself in. I had made a best friend, we will call her Stacy which is not her real name for obvious reasons. Our moms were close friends as we were and we did so much together. We were in the tennis team together and we would practice whenever we could. She was my right hand man and I was hers.

Stacy was two clothing size bigger than me so most of our exchanging of clothing items was jewelry and a few larger shirts I had. Stacy would always return them no problem but then I started to notice jewelry I never lend out would go missing. Maybe Flip or Velvet picked took them as cats do. I never wanted to assume it was Stacy as we were so close and she would Never do something like that. I know I did when I was younger but since apologized and never done it to anyone, not even my friends, as that was something you grow out of by middle school. Then out of no where my Tennis Jacket from the schools team vanished. I looked high and low which sent me into a mental spiral.

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Me and Stacy would go to thrift stores, we would play S.M.A.S.H, we would discuss our romantic interests as girls do, go on road trips and even go on vacation together. Then I started to notice Stacy acting strange all the sudden, I asked her about it and she just blames it on us getting into relationships. So i shrugged it off as she is right since we do not spend as much time together anymore yet we would talk constantly.

Over the last few weeks I noticed Stacy stopped wearing her Tennis jacket so all the sudden when she was wearing it again seemed odd.. Especially since it seemed a lot smaller now. I would make a comment on how smaller her jacket seems and she quickly brushed it off as it shrunk in the wash. I instantly think polyester doesn’t shrink that much in the wash.. Then i started to notice rings that I used to have was now on Stacy’s fingers. Which got me upset because these were rings from my belated grandma on my moms side and very special to me for the sentimental value.

I was pissed.

So i confronted my mom about it to see what she thinks and given the fact we looked high and low for the missing items as I Never wore them outside the house. Heck, I barely wore the tennis jacket unless I had a game that day and I normally kept it in my car until I needed it right before the game. Of course mom gets pissed too because this was her close friends daughter and the girl I hanged out with a lot. Then mom started to confine to me that they can not actually be from where they are saying as the accent the mother has is obviously fake. I of course rolled it off my shoulder as I just wanted my stuff back.

Mom called her friend to talk to her about her daughter to check if the inside of the jacket in the wrist and collar at the seam has permanent marker of the words “Kri Kri” with a cat face drawing. With my mom still on the phone Stacy’s mom went to check, and got pissed. Apparently Stacy was out at work and would be coming home shortly while her mom ransacked her room for the missing items.. She Found Every Single Item. So as Stacy was coming home from work me, my mom and Stacy’s mom was waiting outside with all my stuff she had taken. I immediately confront her asking how she could do this, why she lied to me when I cried to her about the missing rings and to steal my jacket that obviously doesn’t fit her as she can not even zip it up! She started crying as i was calmly yet madly spewing words at her and she was apologizing constantly saying the rings were so pretty and she had left her jacket somewhere which she didn’t want to let her mom know.. as she would be in trouble as it was a expensive jacket.

I remember leaving and as I was getting into the car with my stuff I turned around saying our friendship is over and that I doubt I could ever trust her again like before. She was my sister and had broken my trust along with my heart.

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Since this I have had issues making close friends with females that I am still trying to fix within myself. Since then I have seen my old ex best friend and she seems to be doing fine. At times I want to reach out and tell her about everything awesome yet I know I would just get mad from all the lies, all the stealing from me. I would of forgiven her in a heartbeat if she just gave them back without all this that happened.

Humans are a mysterious thing…