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That Adorable Chipmunk Cheeks & Sweet Smile

That adorable chipmunk cheeks & sweet smile on any baby is just the sweetest moment to witness as they grow older.. This focus is on my sweetness..

Today marks the very moment that my sweetness turns three months and yes I am counting the seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks since she was born on February 8th at 1:57 pm. My little Aquarius is my pride and joy.

My little rainbow baby whom I would kill for to see her smile just once. I would protect her with my life and that is saying a lot as the closest thing I would do the same for is Ninja or Chewy.


The way she tries to talk back with me or her dad, the way she pouts for no reason and the way she smiles when she sleeps. How she pounds her head into my shoulder when I hold her close, the way I dance with her and she smiles bright like her father. How I see my darlings smile on my lips which sit on my precious girl’s face.

How she used to be so small that I could barely break a sweat carrying her and now my arm feels like it is getting a workout. The fact the kitchen is her favorite place and she has a favorite blanket already. How you can’t spoil a baby but I’m fairly certain this one is spoiled.

That I belong to her as her mom and she is mine as my daughter. The fact I would do anything for her for the rest of her life even if she does things to try to make me not love her. I forever will and I have found what people call unconditional love.


When I look at her my heart races, my mind calms and everything I was worried about washes away. She is like my xanny yet she is not even a drug but a part of me that I can see grow and change. That I can still imagine what it felt to carry her inside me and how she was born then to see her smiling at me while trying to talk.

Little one you are my everything and I would do anything to make sure your safe. I know you will read this when you get older, when your graduating and doing things I know you could do.. I hope I’m there to see it all that you accomplish. You are SO loved by SO many people.. Do not forget that, when you feel alone or sad just know that you are not alone. Just know that I’m here, your dad is there and so many more people who want you to feel loved.

My precious rainbow baby I am so happy your still here especially after everything because if I was to lose you I would be in that casket with you or on a murderous rampage trying to find you.