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Teaser Tuesday! Joel Green Novel: Adversary

Mr. Green reached out to me to review his books and this is one of two he gifted me to read! Of course I have to throw up a teaser – As i do for all the books I am reading that I’m not doing apart of a tour through one of the book tour agents. Be on the look out for my review but until then here is a teaser on Adversary by Joel Green.

Adversary by [Green, Joel]Nathan Dreslin, professional con-man, was murdered and came back to life.

But he didn’t come back alone. In the corners of his vision lurks a dark, fanged thing that whispers to him…

Driven now by unearthly minions and pursued across the country, he must join forces with a scientist and a priest. Together they will unravel a horrifying mystery and confront a timeless evil that lies in wait in the Australian Outback.


Length: 339 pages

Publisher: Independently published

Publish Date: February 9th 2018

Genre: Occult Fiction | Psychological | Horror


Nathan Dreslin thought about his name.
Today it would be Michael Chambers and what’s in a name? A con-man by any other name would be just as slip-
pery. Slippery as the icy blacktop of Grampians Road winding through Western Victoria toward Halls Gap. Snow was falling and in the Australia of the mind that seemed odd – land of red dirt, blazing sun and… fucking snow.
Not so uncommon, he supposed. Not in the high-country in July. But Nathan Dreslin had grown up on the coast and the sight of the big fat flakes drifting down like the ashes of a post-nuclear wasteland was still weird to him. He’d seen snow piled up on the ground, dirty and wet, only once as a child on
one of the enforced access visits with his biological father – one of those extravagant trips designed to win hearts and minds in the war of the ex-spouses. But he’d never seen the
stuff fall from the sky.
The rented Corolla’s front wheels spun in the icy slush. It was a relatively professional-looking sort of car; that was the point of it. His own big black XA Falcon wouldn’t have suited the job and in the snow the big V8 would probably have wound up sideways in a ditch anyway.
The Pax sat beside him. Chris Paxton, buddy since high school, always good for a boastful claim but rarely one to
actually do anything. High school was ten years past now and the Pax was running to fat and starting to go prematurely bald while Nathan remained lean with a full head of jet-black hair.
Although he was twenty-eight, after a close shave and a good night’s sleep he could still halfway pass for a teenager.
He and the Pax had been a pair of outsiders in school; black coats and cargo pants. The two most likely to turn up one day with rifles and start shooting, or so the wankers in their year teased. Nathan always considered that it seemed a dumb fucking idea to make fun of the guys you thought might actually end up snapping and pulling a Columbine, but teen-agers are morons and he’d thought so even when he was one.

They hadn’t turned up with rifles, of course, and never contemplated anything of the sort. But they let those rumours fly about anyway because it made them edgy and dangerous
and anything but the insecure, terrified misfits they’d really been. Chris was looking insecure and terrified now, fidgeting in the passenger seat, and Nathan felt quite proud of himself for
being so genuinely cool about the whole thing. This was his deal, him in his element, because while the Pax had gone on to become a wildly unsuccessful property manager for the small- town real estate agency, Nathan Dreslin had turned into some- one edgy and dangerous for real. A con-artist. A slick, slip-pery trickster who fleeced the unwary with impunity, and why the fuck not? Anybody stupid enough to get taken in deserved to lose their money. Ignorance was a choice.

In the ten years since they strode out of the depressing, artfully corrugated prison box of a high school, giving the place the finger as they went, the Pax had become a card-carrying drone plodding to the corporate beat. Nathan had become a shark.

Joel GreenJoel Green was born in 1984 in Australia. He works as a carer for people with intellectual disabilities and in his spare time he is an author of adventure thrillers, horror and science fiction novels.