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Not to Tiny Hands Welcomes Four Months and Top 5 Parenting Items I Love

Four Months since I first met you, four months since You looked up at me with those big eyes and four months since I heard you for the first time. I think I have made a monthly thing as my daughter gets older so I will keep doing it.. Until her first birthday! Then its yearly because why not?

Over these last four months I have learned that I, The Tired Buyer, love a couple things and Hate others with a burning passion that has anything to do with babies and parenting. I’m still healing as many others are as well and unable to workout.. Yeah it sucks but its for the best…. Right?

Tiny has gone through so many changes since just 30 days ago and each day she is learning new things. Heck some things just happen over night and shes doing it! Its so crazy how tiny and hopeless they are then slowly they become so independent!! Tiny is already showing her personality and she will be a little dictator as she gets older.

Over the months I also have ran my hands across things to help with this motherhood/parenting journey I find myself in with items I never thought I would ever get… But here I am!

I’ve tried many different things to use around my tiny to make this parenting job easier. A couple things have worked way beyond what I would of thought while others have not.

  • My most favorite thing is my my Fisher-Price Infant-To-Toddler Rocker. At first I was not so sure about it but over time I have grown to love it. My tiny loves to sleep/nap in it along with just chill out occasionally in it while I read, cook or well anything. Its very sturdy and of course I thought this would not live up to the “Tired Buyers” standard. But it did and surprised myself, Fiance (yes we got engaged!!), and everyone else whom saw this contraption. It was super easy to install, easy to move it anywhere, and it feels safe for Tiny to nap away. I’m one impressed mamma and I have had this thing for months! So you know it has the seal of approval!
  • Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat – Gender Neutral. So this thing I got from Burlington Coat Factory of all places! I was doing my research as any normal person would do and came across the superseat and it won me over. The insert is soft cushion for Tiny little bottom and straps to help hold her in there. This has helped steady her sitting abilities along with helping me get crap done while she does NOT want to lay down. She seems to love it and I occasionally have the play part attached to it and she seems to stare at herself in the mirror or try to eat the bunny. This item is so well made and sturdy that I am not worried about it at all! It even came with straps to secure it to a chair! Tiny has seemed to love being at the table with us while we ate dinner or lunch or any meal really.
  • 3. MAM Anti Colick Baby Bottles – Went for gender neutral at first but now I have purple, pink and blue ones too. I received my first one as a sample in the “welcome baby” amazon gift box. They are best for breastfed babies, help against gas/colick/spit up and is super easy to clean then sanitize! EVERYTHING comes apart to make it super easy to clean and easy to put it back together. The nipples all come in different stages and at four months my tiny still loves her newborn stage (stage 1) but sometimes needs the stage 2 to get more food during the day. They are super easy to hold for myself and for Tiny along with lovely patterns on each bottle that is so cute. I love how the lids have measurements on it so you can easily see how much is left in the bottle! This is great not just for breast milk but for formula as well! Wonderful product and a must have!
  • Gerber Burp Cloths – Ok these things are amazing! I do not remember how I get some but I love them. I have like too many now lol But I use every single one and yet it helps catch Tiny’s spit up between feedings! She seems to love it as much as I do since she is trying to nibble on it or hold it for days. Makes keeping your clothes clean and helps to have one in the daiper bag at all times!
  • Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Infant Formula – I was not so sure about giving Tiny formula but the breastfeeding journey has been a B**** and I had to make sure she was fed enough! So I got enfamil from the hospital when she was born and she took to it like a chocolate lover given chocolate. She had a lot of gas issues so we ended up trying Gentlease one from Enfamil along from other brands but Enfamil ended up being our go to formula! Its there when I need it and Tiny loves it! We mix breastmilk in and she ballooned up like a tiny adorable balloon. This mixes so well with water and I can pre-make a batch for the day so its there when I need it along side the breastmilk. Enfamil is a life saver and really any formula is. If you can produce enough milk for your little then by all means don’t worry about formula but if your like me then yes. Get you some samples!