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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: What Books Should be Made into a Movie?

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So another Wednesday with Long and Short Reviews !

Ok – So I have like only one answer and its by far my favorite… Well maybe two.

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

This book – OH MY GOSH! – I will never stop promoting it because it is so wonderful, it pulls you and keeps you. I reread it all the time and still love it like as if I was reading it for the first time. If this was made into a movie – Oh MY GOODNESS YESSSSSSS! Like I am there.

I know there has been adaptions from parts of the book but I want the ENTIRE book. Like I will buy advance tickets, get me the package where I can get drunk while watching it.. Like I am THERE.

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

This one – Talking cats and trippy vibes which is a tour de force of metaphysical reality . I would love to see this turn into a movie but it has to be a studio Ghibli movie or no go.

Like studio ghibli does it right and for this book to be turned into a movie would be Perfect. Did i mention perfect? Yeah it would be peerfect.

So yeah, that would be the two books I would LOOOOVE to see as a movie – I know it probably would not happen but wishful thinking yes?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: What Books Should be Made into a Movie?”

  1. I have not heard of either of those books, but I’d be quite curious to watch adaptations of them. Your enthusiasm is contagious! 🙂

    My post.

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  2. Kafka on the Shore sounds like it’d be an odd book so I’m 110% with you on it being a Studio Ghibli. After all, no one does weird like these guys.

    I guess now I need to read this book (I’ve been eyeing it for some time now).

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