Lil Tiny; Happy Five Months Sweet cheeks!

Holy cow people! My tiny is FIVE Months and I have no idea what to do with myself… She is not a tiny anymore yet we still call her that because – am I just gonna call her baby? Yeah.. That I do as well but come one she is cute although I am a wee biased.

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Fiance and Tiny

To think you are running around in your walker, demanding all the carrots you can and understanding if she makes a certain sign that we know what she wants! Less fussing for me and less crying she has to do. Its wonderful!

Although we have noticed tiny has some lactose issues – Soy milk it is! She seems so much happier and not scream crying from farts. Poor thing.

She is meeting so many people, the ones I have loved, reconnected and getting to watch her grow with me while I work – look for more work – and somehow not get enough sleep.

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Auntie Leenie (MY Bestie) & Tiny

Also – How does our phones become just pictures of our little ones with everyone else? like what? but then again I wasn’t much of a selfie taker but still. It surprised me but they do say the thing you wish to never lose you end up taking tones of photos of!

Happy Five Months my sweet cheeks.

About Our Tiny Girl

Favorite Food:Carrots ; Butternut Squash ; Bananas ; Baby Cereal & Rice
Favorite Song: All of them lol ; She loves Frank Sanatra & “Once upon a Dream”
Favorite Color:YELLOW!
Favorite Place to Nap?On Mommy (The Tired Buyer)
Favorite Toy?Blankets – Or anything soft & Fuzzy – Our poor cats.
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Flash back when she was a few minutes old!

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    1. That you!! She is a little character and constantly talking or making noises. Leaps and bounds different then her big sis. I’m a wee biased on her being precious – fiarly certain she’s the cutest ever hehe. Then again any baby is


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