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Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Silliest pet peeve is………

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I have a couple pet peeves and I asked which one are considered funny to a couple friends. Everyone mentioned ” Your need to chase after a ping pong/table pong ball when you don’t need to sometimes.” while others said “leaving hair on the shower wall?”. To which I laughed because I do both.

The hair on the shower wall although gross it is something females or guys with long hair just do. NO idea why i do it nor do I think to rinse it off the wall or throw it away. It has been something I have always done and just never thought to more things about. But they are in no way a pet peeve of mine.

My actual pet peeve that I think is funny is the bed always needing to be made. No matter what. Does not matter if i’ll be laying in it within the hour or later today. It helps fight depression and gives a small accomplishment that “Yes i did that and it looks wonderful.”. It is surprising how many others say this!

My other pet peeve I think is funny is the need to use a fork with almost everything. No idea and I don’t understand it either. Sometimes it just makes things harder while a spoon would make so much logical sense. I don’t understand me either in this sense. It is the main utensil I grab unless I am having soup. It is absolutely crazy.

And my last pet peeve is a absolutely bonkers. My biggest funny pet peeve is simple – I absolutely dis-test loudness. Loud people, loud music. loud anything. I have children which means loudness will ensue. It has been a struggle and quite annoyance especially when my dear step child was younger and even more so with my darling one year old. Although I love my music. videos and shows loud. Its absolutely weird but i think people are like that. Maybe it was my upbringing but who knows.

What are yours?

1 thought on “Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Silliest pet peeve is………”

  1. I get the thing with long hair and being stuck to the shower wall. I do it. It’s gross. I probably shouldn’t. Hair like that grosses me out. But we do it.

    Loudness. I totally understand. There are times when you need silence and the fam just doesn’t get it. Been there, done that, we can have a club. 🙂


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