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WWBC : 4 Topics I Never Get Tired of Talking About Are Quite Taboo

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I took last weeks challenge off as I couldn’t think of anything!! I drew a blank so hard – Guess that is fine as it must of been writers block or perhaps i’m so drained due to this move cross country.

There are a few topics I could easily discuss with anyone regarding life, crafts and adventure. Maybe it is my desire to know more information or fix the misinformation people have! I even find myself not doing what I preach a bunch which is sad seeing the information I have on it just engraved in my skull. I felt so deeply on these that I even did a COLLEGE business speech class on these topics – Odd for the topics I picked.

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The first one being sleep. Researchers said you need at least 6 hours to function and 8 hours to thrive. I sleep for 9+ when ever possible and have always been a sleepy baby even till today in my adulthood. No one ever explained how TIRED you will be after having a kid and its all worth it. But sleep helps you retain knowledge that you recently learned and helps you learn that new knowledge better. Say if your learning a new language sleep is most important and I used to learn Spanish for 15 minutes before bed to lock in this new language. I have since put that on hold and instead read, play a board game or watch something on TV before bed. Perhaps I should pick up the language thing again.. Sleep even helps your body fight of colds, illnesses and really anything when you sleep. Its like your going into maintenance mode. If you want to read more for yourself with other links to studies from more accredited people then check out Medical News article: Why sleep is essential for health.

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The second is sex and Ancient Roman prostitution. I actually am very versed in the idea, thoughts and everything behind it. Masturbation to the deed if you will. It is surprising how many women and men are still ashamed of it. I guess I should of been a sex counselor or something haha. But I wrote about the business aspect of it for Ancient Rome prostitutes and the infrastructure which I explained Prostitution in ancient Rome by looking at who they were along with a little about their life & the ancient brothels that they worked in. Also discussing the issues researchers had with ancient day writings, photos and things that happened during that time that directly impacted the prostitutes life. If there was a time in college or school I could talk about sex or sex trade in any form I did. I’ll leave it at this since it is such a taboo topic.

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Now onto the Third topic which is ghost / Paranormal. I’m known as a amp in the paranormal community. My religious views, which will be touched on the next & Final topic, plays a huge part into this among what I have physically experienced. I’ve seen absolutely dead people walking, visited their graves and helped them know they are seen. They are ALL around us and in EVERY home or place. They are like me and you but dead. They are bored so they like to play jokes or try to scare us. I get it because I would so do it too.

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And lastly I love discussing pagan things like Christmas or Halloween. I know i’m about to get a lot of hate on this but did you know Christmas is actually a pagan holiday and not christian at all? Who knew.. apparently the bible. If you want to know more about the Pagan holiday known as Winter Solstice / Christmas than follow this link to a Big Think article with citations. I also want to foreshadow that I’m not christian at all going forward – Its sad in today’s age I even have to come out with religious views. I’m not atheist nor do i worship the devil or what not. I’m Pagan. Actually, Samhain is coming up soon and that is one of my favorite time of the year! Besides my or my families birthday of course. Samhain was one of the four major Celtic festivals, which also consisted of Beltane, Imbolc, and Lughnasadh, which all represented the different seasons. Samhain was eventually taken by Christians to be merged with All Hallow’s eve and become Halloween. Follow the link to Big Think if you want to know more about how All Hallow’s eve / Halloween became to be and the many different traditions behind it it also includes citations.

Now many of you know my family is hugely christian and I am not. They knew as I grew up I was “defiant” or whatever they want to call it as I didn’t pray, I didn’t close my eyes only cause every ounce in me knew this wasn’t me or right. I felt happier outside with nature, with trees with old remedies and such. Yes I light incense, burn candles and leave food out for deities. My family has no idea until now. Congrats! You were here when my family found out – Thats if any of them read my blog.

But also imagine living in the bible belt.
Bless be.

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    1. Oh fascinating! I’ll have to check out your books Patrick! I took a Roman historical class back in the day and that sparked my Roman prostitutes.


  1. Ghosts were on my list, too!

    Sex and Ancient Roman prostitution are very interesting topics. I’m impressed that you know so much about that stuff. It’s not anything I ever studied in college.

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