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CJ Lomax

People called me a fast woman—not because I slept around—because I broke men’s hearts on the racetrack when I beat them.

While climbing up stock car’s highest level of racing, I learned three truths: Adrenaline was my drug of choice, wearing a pair of heels was a form of torture, and I didn’t have time for distractions—especially from men.

I had one goal—a Cup Series contract—and it was within my reach. Until Grady McBane cut me off—sending me, and my dreams, into a tailspin.

His damn smile, his charm, his talent… his touch. Damn hormones overrode my focus.

Grady McBane

The moment the beautiful, spitfire CJ Lomax tripped into my arms, it felt right.

Then Karma stepped in and laughed—Redeeming my reputation meant ruining her dream.

Even though I needed the contract to salvage my career, I found myself chasing her instead of racing her. Her focus, her sass, her grit…her passion. I wanted it—I want her.

Could we cross the finish line without wrecking each other’s hearts?

Strap in… it’s a hell of a ride.

A Fast Woman
by Laralyn Doran
(Driven Women, #1)
Publication date: September 16th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance



Unable to sit, I began to pace the pit area with a headset, listening in on the conversation between Bill, Grady, and the spotter. My eyes were riveted to the screens as I watched Grady expertly maneuver the turns, increasing his speed through the straightaways and slowly gaining position throughout the course. I almost jumped over the wall when Dewey tapped him coming out of pit road in a dirty attempt to spin him out before regaining position. 

He was definitely on Dewey’s shit list now for sticking up for me. That would make his life more complicated if he didn’t get Merrick’s contract. 

When he didn’t get Merrick’s contract. Because I wanted Merrick’s contract. Then why was I cheering for him? Why did I want him to win—to succeed? Him winning this race, a race I’d struggled at, would not help achieve my goal. 

Him winning would get in the way of fulfilling my dreams. But the thought of him losing dragged me down—especially if Dewey was the cause. 

God, my head was a mess. 

Just then, Grady’s voice came through, threatening Dewey’s manhood and I smiled.

I liked the guy. Not liked-liked. Just, I was rooting for the guy. And, fine. If I was willing to admit it, he was attractive and seemed like a pretty good egg. And he had a charming smile…his lips…his kiss… 

I shook the thought out of my head. 

But watching Dewey pursue him as if there were a target on his back made me want to run Dewey into the wall more than I ever had before. 

An image of me as a cartoon character with steam coming out of my ears flashed across my mind.

By the end of the race, my nerves and my nails were a mess, but Grady finished eighth, which was a damn good position out of forty-three cars—even sweeter was that Dewey finished at the back of the pack. 

I ran to the finish, having to hold myself back from hugging him in my shared excitement. He climbed out of the car with a satisfied smile on his face, pride at his decent finish. He was immediately flanked by media and crew members. Someone handed him a Mingle Singles hat. I caught his slight grimace before he placed it on his head and then began scanning the crowd. 

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my imagination—his smile grew as soon as he found me. 

I was a besotted girl with a crush. 

Oh, Lord. What is happening to me? A guy sweeps in and defends my honor and suddenly I’ve got hearts in my eyes. What the hell?

Unsure of my role in this situation, I held back with my hands in the back pockets of my jeans, and I glanced up at him under my lashes but gave him an involuntary smile. 

What the hell was that? Was I flirting?  

With his target locked on he strode toward me in slow, but purposeful, long strides, parting the sea of people. When he reached me, I straightened, more than a little aware of the cameras and the attention on the two of us. 

He, however, didn’t give them even a glance.  

The electricity increased with each inch he drew closer to me. I couldn’t be imagining this. 

“So, how’d I do?” he asked, his voice low enough only I could hear.

I shrugged my shoulder, going for indifference. “Not bad. But maybe try to go a little faster and win next time?”

He threw back his head and laughed before hooking his arm around my shoulders and pulling me into his chest, yanking on my ponytail like a big brother would. The cameras and media went crazy shouting questions. He ignored all of them and walked me over to the rest of the crew.

Warm fuzzies…warm fuzzies throughout my body. What the hell? I wanted to reach up and kiss him soundly in front of God and the entire country. Instead, I wrapped my arm around his six-pack waist. The gesture caught his attention and his side-eye gaze shifted into something different—something more intimate. 

And that was the money shot the media ran with the next day.

AUTHOR BIO:Laralyn Doran is a multi-award winning writer of fun, contemporary romance and dark, urban fantasy romance. Her latest manuscript, “A Fast Woman” is an enemies-to-lovers racing romance, set to release in the fall of 2020 and will be the first in the “Driven Women” series. In 2019, “A Fast Woman” was awarded The Writer Award, given by the Land of Enchantment Romance Authors (LERA).

Laralyn is a proud special needs mom, and an autism and dyslexia awareness advocate.
She lives in Maryland and is a member of Romance Writers of America, Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers, Washington Romance Writers, and other affiliate chapters, where she met some amazing and supportive authors who have had the patience of saints and given her more than one kick in the backside.

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