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WWBC: Favorite Things to do in the Fall / Autumn

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I wrote a post awhile back about my love for autumn weather and what I think of when the smell hits my nose and about a spot I still long to be at yet can not go to. Check out that post here: A True Story: The Extraordinary Tale of Discovering Her First True Love… Autumn

Now onto what I love to do every Autumn or Fall as we say in America.. Also we say ‘Fall’ because Leaves fall down… Dumb right? Its actually because the “fall of the leaves” or “falling of the leaves,” while in spring it is the “Spring of leaves”. Neat right?

Two White and Blue Mugs Beside Drinking Glass
Courtesy of Valeriia Miller

The Color : My Wardrobe all the Sudden Doubles

Woman Lying on the Grass Field
Courtesy of Molly Champion

Everything during Autumn turns into a beautiful oil painting and its actually my time to shine. ALL the shades matches my skin perfectly as I am a deep autumn skin tone so all the reds, oranges and greens with browns come out more so! During the summer I just look like someone waiting for fall to come around haha. But it GOES with my wardrobe scheme – Did I mention I do a capsule wardrobe? Yeah.. 🙂

Yes, I am that person wearing a dress with a sweater and boots. I’m the person baking a pumpkin pie and has no regrets. I even will play tennis in the middle of winter in a skirt and long sleeve. Don’t tempt me man! I WILL DO IT!

Pumpkins, Corn Mazes, Oh my!

Green and Orange Squash
Courtesy of Ylanite Koppens

Who doesn’t love going pumpkin picking at the local pumpkin patch with the corn maze and the million fun things to do! Back in Alabama we have so many options but in Louisiana I have no idea. But I WILL FIND ONE and get lost in a maze and pick pumpkins if COVID allows. I’m already excited thinking about it.


Woman Making Trick of Treat in Front of a Girl
Courtesy of Jill Wellington

I don’t care if COVID cancels. I am doing my own Halloween thing for my hubby and I anniversary. Yeah, our anniversary is on Halloween and we are ACTUALLY getting married for real this time on our anniversary. Isn’t that sweet? Black dress and all. I’m excited and for my friends to witness and such. Its a private, small, tiny affair but a happy one.

Cooking & Baking

All the delicious soups I make, even during the summer but something about the aumun butternut squash soup or casserole that just does it for me. Maybe its the comfort in the food style or the baking of so many APPLE PIES

The Sounds of Autumn

The crunching of leaves under your feet or the sound of rain beating on your ceiling. I love it all. I can already smell it and want it to be here already for Lousiana…

Fall FestivalsOktoberfest

Woman Standing in a Crowd Holding Up Beer Glass
Courtesy of Bret Sayles

Apparently there is one near us that will happen on the day we get married on Halloween on our anniversary. We are excited despite COVID and taking precautions. We are excited for “bobbing” apples and other fun fall activities that they have planned. Also plan to find a Oktoberfest since I missed the one last year and experience it with beer in a new setting!

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  1. I love Halloween as well! And, yes, there are so many ways to celebrate it safely during this pandemic. It’s definitely not cancelled in my house either. 🙂

    Corn mazes are awesome, too.

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    1. I’m so happy to know halloween isn’t cancelled at other people’s house! We’re excited to experience the corn maze here! It’s supposed to be open with social distancing


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