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‘Servant of the Undead’ by Isabelle Drake Review by Pine Enshrined Reviews.

Having sex with an ice-covered, smudgy-eyed woman in tattered fishnets and a barely-there mini-skirt is Hayden Thomas’ first mistake. His second: thinking he’s in control of what happens next.

The city of Boston is held hostage by a snow storm and rumors are spreading about zombies roaming the streets, looking for human flesh. Hayden Thomas, tabloid newspaper writer, is out to get something fresh about zombies for his editor. At the Boston Public Library, Hayden uncovers some old research that suggests that some zombie tribes survive by having constant sex instead of eating human flesh.

Mattie, a zombie out looking for information on a rival tribe, finds Hayden and uses him for sex. After using him, she discovers his research. She wants to find out how to reverse herself and become one of the living again, so she decides to keep Hayden as her sexual servant so she can use him for information as well as sex.


Mattie pressed her cold, damp body against Hayden, shoved him to the wall. Behind her, he saw their reflection in the mirror above the sink. Ice and snow clung to her tangled hair, dripping onto the solid curves of her back and shoulders. Between the strips of cloth binding her breasts, he spotted a wide column of black ink staring at the base of her spine and ending about halfway up her back.

“Well done, researcher.” She grabbed his cock and curved her fingers around his hardening shaft. “You impress me.”

There were no human words for what he was feeling. He grunted in response, but his body betrayed him, and he found himself leaning toward her, seeking her strength and giving in to the power she had over him.

Hayden shook his head, even though his dick was growing still larger in her palm. “No,” he said. “I’ve had enough.”

“You’ve had enough when I say you’ve had enough.” She let go of his shaft and reached around to grab his ass. “Maybe if I join you and your girlfriend in bed, you’ll feel differently.” She caressed his flesh, sliding her hand between his ass cheeks. “I’d be happy to—”

“Take control. I know.” He tried to push her back but she used her strength to hold him.

“That’s right.” She nudged his chin with her nose. “You’re beginning to understand how our relationship works.”

My Review

Thank you Netgalley & Ms. Drake for this ARC for a honest review.

This novel has erotic monsters galore. I have seen twilight, scary zombies and slow zombies. I’ve seen every zombie possible but the erotic kind. Let me tell you, this DID NOT disappoint. A LITTLE weird at first but hey, Not for everyone! I on the other hand enjoyed it for being different and descriptive was.. well ghastly good.

Servant of the Undead is hard to put into one catagory if your asking what genre this fits into. Heck this easily can be pop culture, horror, erotica & paranormal romance. Our story begins with a tabloid reporter, Hayden Thomas, who is looking for something fresh and ironically stumbles across something in all catagories is rotton. Its a book about zombies whom look like you and I but engage in kinky sexual rites, Of course our Hayden Thomas promises to wow his editor, but it also catches the attention of somebody else – a sexy, arrogant, young woman in the skimpiest of outfits who just so happens to be completely unaffected by the cold and the snow as she makes her way in through a library window. Oh boy! Just what every guy needs is a sexy undead lady coming through a window – Que gasps.

Drake doesn’t spoon-feed the reader, and I like that. We’re in the dark for much of the story, not understanding what Mattie really wants of Hayden, or what the rest of her tribe wants with Rachelle, Hayden’s mortal girlfriend. Interwoven into the scenes of cold, sometimes cruel, erotica are themes of power, control, and consent that make this so compelling. While it’s hard to form an emotional attachment to any of the characters, it’s all too easy to be fascinated by their struggles, and excited by their angry sex.

Overall, Drake makes this an easy quick read and mouth watering moments of sex, mystery, horror-isk and interesting turns as you read the Servant of the Undead. I would love for more sequels on the tribe or even other tribes. I would happily own every sequel if there was any. Servant of the Undead was no where what i even could imagine but was so much more and better for what it gave me.

Pine Enshrined Reviews gave Servant of the Undead five stars. See the short review on Goodreads

Servant of the Undead
by Isabelle Drake
Pages: 188
Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books (03 May 2018 )
Genre: Horror | Romance | Erotica
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Isabelle Drake

Isabelle Drake got her start writing confession stories for pulp magazines like True Confessions and True Love. Since publishing those first few stories she has written in multiple genres, earned an MFA in Creative Writing and became an English & Writing Professor.

When away from her keyboard, she watches films, especially classic noir, horror and romance, and reads (of course). An avid traveler, she’ll go just about anywhere–at least once–to meet people and get ideas.

Find Isabelle as Isabelle Drake on Facebook, Youtube and Goodreads & @isabelledrake on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr & isadrake on Snapchat.

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