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‘Keep Me In Sight’ by Rachel Blackledge Book Blog Tour and Giveaway with Pine Enshrined Reviews and Rockstar Book Tours.

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the KEEP ME IN SIGHT by Rachel Blackledge Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!

About the Book:

Author: Rachel Blackledge
Pub. Date: October 15, 2020
Publisher: Rachel Blackledge
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 286
Find it: GoodreadsKeep Me in Sight Page on Rachel’s website stay tuned for buy links!

A night she can hardly remember. A night she will never forget.

It’s about Dan.

These three words jolt Brynn back to the big boozy night she spent with her boyfriend Dan. The same night his ex, Erin, showed up. Erin says something terrible happened that night. Dan says he never touched her. Trouble is, Erin has evidence to prove it.

Brynn can vouch for him though. She was there that night that they can hardly remember, but will never forget. While Brynn pieces together her fractured memories, lost that night at the bottom of a bottle, facing the horrifying possibility that maybe Dan isn’t completely innocent. Maybe he’s guilty as charged.

But as Brynn inches closer to the truth, she begins to wonder: Who is the predator? And who is the prey?

Gloria knows the answer. She’s a psychic who turned her back on her ability after she failed to prevent a terrible tragedy. As her painful past floods back to her, can she learn to trust her gift again before it’s too late? Or will her painful past hold her back from saving someone’s future . . . and quite possibly their life.

This addictive and suspenseful thriller explores the fault lines between broken memories and shattered trust, and will keep you up well past your bedtime.

My Review

First off I want to thank the author and Rockstar Book Tours for my Review ARC in exchange for a honest review.

We meet Dan, Brynn, Gia and our villain among other characters in Keep me In Sight that are all well thought out and have such depth to them with fault lines between broken memories and shattered trust. And this book does come as a warning as addictive because that it was. I read it in one sitting and barely could let it go as promised it was very much addictive. This Book delivered.

When it came to the psychic aspect is what actually had me interested in reading this book and how Blackledge put detail and scene to the words helped draw you in. It brought you there alongside Gia and the guilty parties. Blackledge will have you on the edge concerned that justice will not be served but it does my friend. It does. Brynn was one of my least favorite characters but I understood her. Maybe it was the old ex-best friend Brynn reminds me of or its the thought that maybe she will turn herself around to remember things after booze black out memories. Of course everytime Brynn reached for a bottle I wanted to throw the book against the wall like Come on girl no!

Then there is Dan. I wanted more of him, maybe it was my hopeless romantic that wanted to see more or how Blackledge described him made me imagine too much. Anyway, if there was a book just about him I would be excited but unsure how that would play out.

Sadly, Every good book has some hard points and surely I hope answers to in a sequel or another story. The villian as wonderfully evil and horned the motive for the villians plans were.. How can I put this.. Lacking? And I felt we were in vein with how he asked for forgiveness. Like maybe work for it? idk cause I would like that from anyone whom did me wrong. I understand audio recordings would be too easy but just a voice can’t convict someone but in a perfect would it could. Along with that any smart person would of researched on the internet and that is something Gia did not do enough of.

Overall, the characters were bright, shiny and new with background, detail and substance that I could relate to in someway. I enjoyed this read quite much despite the little flaws that I hope would be answered in another book or maybe a edit to make the book a wee longer? Anywho, I would recommend this book to anyone whom love crime novels, suspenseful thrillers and getting justice. This leads me to a rating of 4.5 stars as the questions and my kick back to things really held me back at times.

Rachel is an American expat, living abroad since 2008. She lived in Sydney Australia for a number of years, Italy, Switzerland, and has sailed over 11,000 nautical miles, crossing the Indian Ocean three times and sinking only once. She hung up her foul weather gear after the birth of her son. And writes thrillers now instead.

She’s the proud granddaughter of two World War II fighter pilot war heros. Richard ‘Blackie’ Blackledge was a WWII B-17 heavy bomber pilot. Post war, he became a successful writer. And George Jensen flew the dreaded B-29 superfortress. They both lived on well into their 90s.

“I lost two special friends, and the world lost great men, but they’re both with me still, sending me pearls of wisdom from the great beyond, telling me over the roar of the engines to: ‘Pick up the pace or you’ll get your butt blown off!’

“Okay, maybe that’s not them. But it’s still good advice.”

Rachel lives in Singapore with her husband, baby boy, and rescue pup named Jessica Shadow Shady Lady Lauro.

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