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Ghost Guardians by S. Peters-Davis

Ghost Guardians by [S. Peters Davis]

Bri’s intent—to work for her father, but ghosts, an old high school sweetheart, a downtrodden best bud, and a deceitful tormenter play havoc with her future.

Kyle broke it off with Bri before college but realizes he still harbors unrequited feelings for her. Then he discovers Bri’s ability and wants to keep her close, not just for himself, but as an asset for Spectral Paranormal Investigations. Ghosts rely on Bri, Kyle confuses her, the best bud requires stability, and the bully deserves a punch in the face until they join forces on a mission to rescue the paranormal—those spirits left behind. Murder, mystery, and mayhem abound…in ghost-form

“I think I just saw Max’s mom outside, an older woman in a white pantsuit. Is that his mom?”

Kyle’s eyes widened, and then his brows folded inward as he shook his head. “His mom died about five years ago. There’s no adult here right now.”

Prickles chased up my arms and down my spine. Once in a while, a spirit appeared so full of life, like right now, it seemed a living person. Kyle continued to study me as if I’d lost my mind.

He stepped closer, and I thought he was going to put his arm around me. Instead, he lifted a picture frame off from a table. “This is Max’s mom.”

“Oh, she’s stunning.” And the woman I saw, wearing the same clothing. I quickly moved closer to the row of windows. “What a beautiful room. My mother would love this room for an office.” The moon had risen and cast a path of light across the water. “What a view.” The crystal against my sternum vibrated. Gloria shimmered into view, sobbing.

“He’s gone. Martin. He’s gone.” Her sad eyes searched mine. “Where could he have gone? We’ve never been apart.”

I looked at Kyle. He stood on the other side of me and would surely hear me. When I turned back to Gloria, she had vanished. What were the possibilities that Martin would step into the light without Gloria? He never left her side. Besides, they were both about getting justice before leaving the earth plane. He was all about protecting her. It didn’t make sense after all of these years of being stuck here that he would simply disappear.

“Bri.” Kyle grabbed my hand.

I glanced at him, sensing he’d been trying to get my attention before now. “Yes. Sorry.” The words came out a little breathy. The urgency of Martin missing overwhelmed me with questions. “I gotta go.” I pulled my hand from Kyle’s grasp and rushed from the room.

Ghost Guardians
Book One
S. Peters-Davis
Genre: Paranormal Romance,Suspense-mystery, New Adult
Publisher: BWL Publishing, Inc.
Date of Publication: September Release 2020
Kindle ISBN 978-0-2286-1492-0
Print ISBN  978-0-2286-1494-4
Number of pages: 162
Word Count: 64,900
Cover Artist: Michelle Lee

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My Review

First thank you to Bewitching Book Tours and S. Peters-Davis for the chance to read this wonderful read for a honest review that is my own.

Now when this book did come across my desk I was unsure if I wanted to read it but took it upon myself to do so because I felt a connection with the synopsis. I do experiance ghost and such – but onto this Book!

We focus in on Bri whom is a introvert that is able to interact with ghosts. In school Bri has never joined clubs, made many friends and somehow she has a best friend named Luke. Like is our closeted gay best friend whom I pictured him as a old friend of my own from the neediness Luke shown to Bri. These two are together as a shoulder, comfort or just someone to lean on when they need it. Now were looking at Kyle, a guy whom has a serious crush on Bri during their senior year of high school but it did not pan through. Then there is Kyle’s jerk of a best friend named Max.

Now they are back in town after college and for some reason Kyle is regretting his decision to break things off with Bri before high school ended.

Now picture your in a inter-racial marriage back in the 60’s and your following this girl which is the first that can see you and your dead wife. This ghostly couple wants Bri to help with justice after moving to Michigan to be together freely.

Ghost Guardian is a wonderful story with such thought out characters even with the annoying ones. Heck the annoying ones help make the story feel more real. You’ll find murder, romance, mystery, and so much more in author Peters-Davis much awaited novel.

Kri at Pine Enshrined gives ghost Guardian a 4 stars our of 5!

S. Peters-Davis writes multi-genre stories, but loves penning a good page-turning suspense-thriller, especially when it’s a ghost story and a romance. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, playing with grandchildren, or enjoying time with her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

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  1. Kri – thank you for the thoughtful book review – I so appreciate you for reading Ghost Guardians, the first book of my newest series. I’m grateful for the spotlight at your place. Happy Halloween to you and yours – enjoy your weekend:) Susan

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    1. It really was no trouble and I quite enjoyed the Ghost Gaurdians! Happy Halloween to you and yours – Sorry for just now responding – Halloween was also my anniversary <3.

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