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Storm's Gate: Stormfall Chronicles Book 3 by [J.W. Golan]

A world descending into war; a fabled healer who might be their last, best hope; and a princess imprisoned in a dragon-guarded keep.

Lynette sets out with Baxter and Eirlon in search of a healer: the fabled Medicine Man of Horru. It is a desperate gamble to revive the fae king and avert a larger war.

But the route they take will prove perilous. They risk losing everything, even each other, in a world gone mad with the stirrings of war. Armies have gathered on the borders of the Feyfell – lured by legends of fae wealth. With King Elyan poisoned and unconscious, the kingdom is visible, and vulnerable to outside invaders for the first time in centuries. And while the fae nobles debate rules of succession, Princess Elise remains missing.

For in a tower a world away, the fae princess is held captive, surrounded by armies and a dragon chained to the will of vengeful sorceress. Drained of her magic, Elise must plot her own escape – while a new breed of assassins hunts the mage-turned-swordsman named Garth. Werewolves prowl the land again, as all alike seek to strike their bargains before the oncoming war.

Will it be too much for Lynette to bear? Can she survive the loss of so much she holds dear? And if she does, will she ever be the same? For who among them would dare ascend, to retrieve hope from a dragon-guarded keep.

Book Three of the Stormfall Chronicles, Storm’s Gate is an Epic Fantasy for all ages.

Storm’s Gate
By J.W. Golan
Release Day: November 19th 2020
Genre: Fantasy, Epic, Coming-of-age, Fiction
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J.W. Golan

My first attempt at writing a Fantasy novel occurred decades ago – when I was still a student in high school. To say that the resulting book was awful would be too kind, and it was disposed of soon afterwards. From that experience, however, I gained a better appreciation for the elements that would be needed to produce a successful novel – including the persistence to see such an undertaking to its conclusion.

In the intervening years, life happened: university, jobs, marriage, kids. I never completely ceased writing, but I also had neither the time nor motivation to launch another novel. I did, however, have a non-fiction book (a history text – some 400+ pages, hardbound) that I gradually polished and rounded out – which was eventually published through a traditional, printed publishing house. The latter experience further solidified my conviction that I indeed could undertake a novel again – should I choose to do so.

It was my three daughters, however, who reintroduced me to the world of Fantasy-Fiction. Literature was something that the four of us could share, discuss and compare – together with other fantasy and literary influences. I was able to introduce some of my old favorites to my daughters, and they in turn, introduced me to some of theirs.

It was this latter experience, sharing and discussing stories and literature, that convinced me to try my hand at writing Fantasy-Fiction once again: weaving together tales and ideas that had been circulating across my mind for decades. I hope that the resulting stories and characters are as fun to read as they were for me to write.

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Special Message from Kri with Pine Enshrined Reviews

A big thank you to author J.W. Golan for the chance to read his previous novels and hope in coming months I can sink my teeth into this one! For being so sweet in reaching out and understanding during this unprecedented time that we are all facing.

Be on the look out as reviews for his previous books will be posted soon with wonderful spotlights and a teaser!?! Maybe I can squeeze in a interview with author J.W. Golan for the previous tow books. But yes, be on the look out!

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