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Top Ten Tuesday: Kri with Pine Enshrined Reviews is Thankful for…

Another installment of the challenge hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl which is called Top Ten Tuesday. I’m surprised by how effortlessly I could do this, but than again this is only the second installment.. haha

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2020 has been a weird year, and a chaotic one at that for me. From the house we were renting burning down to moving two states away from everyone I know has been difficult including rebuilding that relationship with my dad which has been slow.

Finding a new job out in the new area, and experiencing so much this year that I’m surprised i’m not in coma or something from all the anxiety and stress i experienced. Yet, there are so many things to be thankful for.

So i’m just going to list them out without much substance to them:

  • My new old 4 generational haunted home
  • My hubs for his support
  • The job market in this area being better than i thought.
  • Covid not stopping our marriage.
  • Dentist because ouch.
  • Finding two new kittens who are actually brother whom love to cuddle: Oreo and Truffle
  • My old man cat welcoming the two kittens into his home with open paws.
  • My in-laws for this 4 generational haunted home.
  • My stove & fridge deciding to work again
  • Just how the way everything has happened or unfolded in the last couple of months since moving
Thanksgiving GIF by ABC Network

on a side note: I didn’t think i could do 10 things but i did.. Amazing.

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Kri with Pine Enshrined Reviews is Thankful for…”

    1. It has its issues although very fixable but overall it’s a very well insulated home. The ghosts are the in-laws and previous pets whom passed on the property 🙂


  1. Your house is haunted and you are thankful for it? Mmmm…. tell me more?? I’m glad you got two new kittens this year. Kittens are the best. Especially if they are like me – fluffy and white and as cute as can be.

    Glad you are rejoicing about Thanksgiving! Have fun and be blessed!

    Elza is grateful for

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    1. Yes, I am thankful for my big haunted house – it brings interesting moments every couple of days. It’s only haunted by long passed in-laws and their previous pets. It’s very warm and welcoming besides the tricks they play – I get it. I do it too cause it can be boring being stuck watching family and grandkids after so long.


  2. Your four-generation haunted house sounds like a very cool place to live. I wasn’t sure if it was you or your spouse who got the new job (or maybe both of you did?), but congratulations either way!

    My post.

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