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Pine Enshrined Reviews’ Thanksgiving Eve Post – 2020 Has Been a Weird Year and I have No Idea What to Title This….

I have no idea what to title this – Like I went through ten different ideas and I didn’t like ANY of them.. Talk about blah right? I decided I’m going to be doing something a little different, Post pictures to recipes I’m making for “thanksgiving”, with thoughts and credits along with if I plan to alter the recipe some and go silent on “thanksgiving“… Then post pictures of the delicious num nums I made along with myself and my little family.. My daughter is almost two.. TWO years old guys.. I just can’t. This is also the first Harvest Home where me and the hubs are doing all the cooking. Que anxiety..

“Thanksgiving”.. For all the thanks to give and for all the ancestry annoyance I get this time of the year it will be different. I’m excited for the change but also nervous for personal reasons. You might of Noticed the quotes around the word “Thanksgiving” which I call it autumnal equinox or Harvest Home.. More Pagan friendly but people understand me when I say “Thanksgiving” for all intended purposes. Many followers know I been secretive with my pagan ways till very, very recently due to my family – Since I moved I feel more open and free to be myself.. So below are Pagan recipes and a couple non-pagan ones that myself and my little family will enjoy this “Thanksgiving”.

Season 5 Thanksgiving GIF by Friends

The Recipes

Lets start with dessert cause my mom always wants to start with dessert especially when chocolate is involved..


Want to bring your Fall treats to the next level? Don’t look any further than these creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffles, featuring all of the tastiest autumn flavors in adorable, bite-sized packages.  

I couldn’t find any Pumpkin Pie Spice but I’m hoping to run into some before I have to make another batch – Yeah.. I already made some and OMG Morgan with Host the Toast is a dream treat chef master. Like wtf. But yes, the smell down to the consistency.. I felt I was in little dessert heaven and I don’t have a sweet tooth! I also had to make sure I had the Hubs and lil one be my test dummies before the big harvest home event with ourselves and my dad.

Find the Recipe here:

Garlic mashed potatoes recipe


Made with olive oil and roasted garlic, these creamy homemade mashed potatoes are one of our favorite side dishes.

We will probably add more garlic than it says in the recipe because we LOVE garlic in this house, even the toddler and with more dairy than the recipe but ya know – Gotta make sure my dairy intolerant child can eat it so most likely using soy milk!

Roasted butternut squash

Roasted Butternut Squash

Learn how to cook butternut squash perfectly every time! Enjoy roasted butternut squash as a simple side dish, or add it to fall soups, pastas & more.

We are of course going to add more savory taste to this dish – Most likely dust some creole seasoning all over it after it has been cooked along with mint. The savory mixed with mint and the other dishes on the plate would make a wonderful pallet on my tongue.

green bean almondine with garlic and toasted almonds on a white platter with a spoon

Green Bean Almondine

Toasted almonds, with their delicate crunchy texture, are a perfect foil for these garlicky green beans. The resulting side dish is as elegant as it is simple—which is to say, very.

I probably wont even change the recipe up at all. But this is something I relatively make throughout the year cause Garlick Green beans are the bomb. Will add minced Onion of course to it as I always do to any green bean dish! Also helps my daughter LOVES green beans. So this is a staple in our house.

Bowl of Thanksgiving cranberry chutney

Cranberry Chutney

Simmered with apples and dried figs, spiced with cinnamon and jalapeño, this cranberry chutney is a mouth-awakening Thanksgiving dinner superstar, a leftover reviver and a darn tasteful hostess gift.

Now this one I experimented over the years from can to fresh cranberry mash. I prefer it from the can then simmer it with other items. Makes a bomb spread eitherway and my family loves it especially on leftovers.

Now my family isn’t have a turkey but honey ham and cornish hens. Yet, surprisingly not a lot of people cook cornish hens and I’m quite surprised cause its like a personal lil chicken for yourself haha.. So here is the recipe for:

Roasted Cornish Hens with Veggies

Much like a roast chicken, this recipe is a one-pot, hearty, yet kinda fancy dinner that is perfect for staying in or having company over. The vegetables cook alongside the chicken for an entire meal on one pan.

This is the hubs favorite dish besides my tacos – I got this recipe years ago and He loves it so much.

baked Roasted Cornish Hen in a casserole dish with potatoes and carrots
Food Thanksgiving GIF by Spirited Away

I’d share how we are cooking hte honey ham but I think the hubs bought one from Honey Baked ham since we only have one stove and he doesn’t want us cooking all morning haha.

Is it thanksgiving yet?