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Top Ten Tuesday: Kri of Pine Enshrined Reviews Favorite Books of 2020…

Another installment of the challenge hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl which is called Top Ten Tuesday. I’m surprised by how effortlessly I could do this, but than again this is only the second installment.. haha

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This one was a little hard for me to decide. I read and read to many good books this year… In fact I met and broke my goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge. Then again I did set the bar kind of low for myself but I’m proud of myself!

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But I would have to say the Gifts of Happiness from Oliver Smuhar or just follow this link to Amazon to purchase which is just raw talent that you get to see redevelop as he writes. I get to work with him directly and finding out about his future projects is so exciting I’m finding myself giggling about it to myself. To the point I even bought physical copies to give to friends and family. Talk about a fan huh. However this is his second book! If you want to read the first one then go check out my Review and Spotlight on Gifts of Life by Oliver Smuhar or follow this link to Amazon.

The Gifts Of Life (The Colours of Humanity Book 1) by [Oliver Smuhar]
The Gifts Of Happiness (Colours of Humanity #2)

Pine Enshrined Reviews
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    1. I always set it low because what if something happens?? Like – I lose my eye sight or something. Never know! I always end up reading way more than i “think” i can haha. 🙂


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