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WWBC: Kri of Pine Enshrined Reviews Personal Goals for 2021 are..

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It is that time of year again to make promises to yourself and somehow break them later on.. While some people actually achieve their goals which is awesome there are people who stop trying within days or months.

This leads me to try to make appropriate goals.. But lets begin

Reading # of Books

I don’t want to aim too high or aim way too low with this one. I somehow always aim low but go WAY too high. Speaking of I’m still marking books read from last year! Its a mess. I’m still trying to decide a number but right now I need a little more time to figure out my sweet spot to aim for!

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Complimenting Myself Daily

This is something I probably inherited from my mother – looking at myself in the mirror and only seeing the flaws as she would do this “my turkey neck” this or “my stomach” that my entire life. Even to now but not as often. I want to look in the mirror and find myself beautiful without makeup. I want that confidence for myself and for my daughter. I don’t want her seeing me looking over myself in disgusts because acne randomly appeared due to time of month, or extra bloated cause I needed that last bite from dinner. I want to end the cycle with me.

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Work Stuff

Aiming for more obviously. Be it a promotion, change to full time regular employee or even part time as both get benefits. Being proud of what I am doing and the company/place I work for is my main goal. Working for something that treats their employees with respect especially if they are sick, can’t work for x,y or z, or mental health issues . Most places don’t do this while other places have adapted. Heck we barely get even get 6 weeks paid leave while other places get 6+ months of paid leave for having a kid or health leave (surgery for example) without having to worry about bills or food.

And of course for this blog to go more places, to see more things and achieve the unthinkable. But that might be a little far fetched!

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12 thoughts on “WWBC: Kri of Pine Enshrined Reviews Personal Goals for 2021 are..”

    1. Marianne! It is something that I never thought to be hard but when it was instilled in you it just happens. Seven days in already and it has been chosen to be hard – not impossible but its weird how it has helped. It also about controlling what one thinks, yeah I still think the bad but hoping with time i don’t think any of it!!

      Thank you for mentioning you think that they are reasonable and attainable! 🙂 makes me feel a wee better about it.


    1. It has been so hard! I my 7 days in but I’m trying to only say and think good things.. sometimes the bad things come but I try to push them back. ITS HARD! Didn’t think it be this hard but well worth it. If not for myself but for my daughter too.


  1. What wonderful goals you have!

    I love the idea of complimenting yourself daily and am going to start doing that, too.

    Good luck with your job hunt. I hope you find a wonderful new position soon.

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    1. Thank you!

      only seven days in and it is a lot harder than I first imagined but it will be worth it. I hope. And thank you! I have a pretty nice job now but covid has decreased my hours – but opens up more me time! But like most people I want more – achieve more or do more things. Not sure what yet but once I figure it out i’ll get there because working in my field again.

      I hope your goals for this year you’ll meet!


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