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WWBC: A Book, A Movie & A TV Show that Influenced my Life….

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Grease.. Grease is one I still sing along with and dance to the music. I probably know most of the scenes by heart and songs for that matter. Never did dress like the movie or the following movies after but it has played a roll in the type of guys I like haha. My daughter even has the love for movies or shows with music, will hum along with songs and dance as well – She even likes this movie and she is almost 2!

The TV Shows that shaped me:

The Office – I waited till it was essentially in the final season to even watch it and boy.. I watched it so much my mother would be annoyed at hearing the opening on repeat almost daily for a year or so straight.. Heck I still watch it to today and still laugh at the jokes or scenes. I’m the person you want to bring with you to a trivia night for this show. Even got my fiancé to fall in love with the show and he NEVER saw it before he sat down to join me one evening.. He has been stuck ever since.

Gargoyles – One of those shows I used to watch all the time growing up with my brother. I loved every moment of it and I hope no one brings it back because it just would not be the same. Don’t even think about it Disney!! As a reviewer says:

“Are you sitting down? Good. Prepare to be familiarized with (or introduced to) one of, if not the, greatest American-made cartoon series ever made. You may think of gargoyles as just decorative carvings on old churches and castles, but in this case, the truth is far more astonishing. In truth, gargoyles are an ancient reptilian race that turn to stone during the daylight hours. Existing behind the scenes, they are sworn to protect mankind in spite of our fear and prejudice to their demonic appearance (the writers of the show borrowed many plot points from the X-men). A thousand years ago, the last remaining gargoyle clan was betrayed by one of their own, placed under a curse and hidden away in the ruins of a Scottish castle. Flash forward ten centuries. The spell was broken when they and their castle were relocated to the City That Never Sleeps. Now claiming Manhattan as their protectorate and aided by an NYPD detective, they’re going to have their hands full with this place…

As far as super hero shows go, this is definably in the top five, at least. The writing is crisp, intelligent, dramatic, and quite dark in places, with multiple intersecting story-lines and complex backstories for each character. The characters themselves are a huge draw, with Goliath, the leader (stoic, fearless, etc), Hudson (the old warhorse), Brooklyn (the rookie aide-de-camp), Broadway (the fat, stupid one that everyone loves for some reason), Lexington (the brainiac inventor), and Bronx (the doglike one that can’t talk). The voice-over acting is first-rate, with half the cast of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” lending their talents, particularly Johnathan Frakes playing the main villain to Mephistolean perfection. There’s much more to cover, but will have to wait until Season Two.”

Steven Hoffman , Amazon Review

The Books that Shaped me:

Fooly Cooly or FLCL was a manga I read long ago that was turned into a TV Series that I also loved with all my heart. Can’t seem to find the image of the manga I have but there is the series for TV. Follows it almost perfectly and has been my top manga/tv show ever since. You should go check it out!!

And I mention this book soooo much! The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. to the point it is almost always mentioned if possible. I love this book to the moon and back. Follow the link to my review and decide for yourself. 🙂

Pine Enshrined Reviews
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    1. It did answer that much pondered thought and Grease I believe has some sentimental value for most people! 🙂


  1. Braveheart was such a good movie.

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  2. Oh my goodness, all of these are so good! I am also super happy that someone else is a fan of Gargoyles too. That was one of my favorites growing up!

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    1. Yes! I used to stay up watching it late at night and my mother would be so MAD! But it was a heart warming bond moment for me and my brother. I also remember waking up a little early at one point too to watch it.


    1. Gargoyles is a childhood Favorite – late 80s/ early 90s animated tv show. It was heart warming and quite good actually. Thanks for sharing your link!


  3. The only one of your choices I’m familiar with is the Gargoyles cartoon show, because I have 3 sons who loved that show! My husband used to watch it with them, giving me time off to work my part-time jobs when he was in charge of them. They also loved Beast Wars–they still collect the old transforming toys.

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    1. My brother still collects Gargoyle items! My daughter recently was exposed to the show and she seemed to enjoy it. Never heard of beast wars! I’ll defiantly look into it!


    1. I’ve enjoyed the first one more than the sequel but still watch it occasionally. My daughter is big on movies or tv shows that dance/sing so she quite likes them too


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