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Valentine Gift Ideas for anyone you love that Kri from Pine Enshrined Reviews love.

So with valentines coming around the corner here are a few of my favorite gift ideas! Not just for myself but for friends, that loved one, pets, children, galentine’s and family. This list will leave any giftee happy from the wonderful things that will be given to them.

Beauty Products

You can not go wrong with beauty products, and this is a universal gift for all genders. Everyone loves to take care of themselves so why not click on the image to the left or look at the items suggest below.

I would try to separate them by couples, kids, etc but its hard to do when you can easily get lipstick for your friend or your spouse! Or lotion for your teenage or for your family. Its hard man!

Amazon: Single Item $7.98 | 3-pack $24.37

First of the list is Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink and let me tell you – This stuff stayed on after 24 hours of washing my face, eating, drinking, and so many things to TRY to get it to come off.. This product stayed on and it didn’t leave my lips feeling dry like normal matte products that say they will last 12 hrs like this one does. But this one last, and it will keep lasting till you take makeup remover to it.. But it still kinda stays unless you use some elbow grease (actual arm not the product!). You can get it as a single item or buy a three pack today!

Amazon $59.88

Viking Revolution Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

Make any man extremely happy with our complete wet shave kit. Great gift for fathers, husbands, sons or any man for that matter. This kit contains everything one will need to keep their face silky smooth or just to trim up that beard nice and tight

As my fiancé put it: “I honestly wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but this set certainly exceeded. Blades are sharp, razor is built to last, stand is sturdy, and the brush isn’t a piece of junk. The included oil and aftershave smell great, feel good, but is not overpowering. The soap is good quality also. Only complaints I can make (and this is probably splitting hairs) is that the logo on the brush faded right off after 2 uses.. but who cares? And the soap’s smell could be a little more potent for my taste. All in all – A+.”

Amazon $34.99

The YORMICK Electric Facial Cleansing Brush fit the bill since it had plenty of power, ergonomic and was waterproof. The soft and exfoliating most for the facial cleansing on my face .This even comes with a pumice stone. 

Honestly, this is one of the best face cleaning brushes I’ve ever had and i have had the neutragina one and one of the other ones as well. But this has replaced those hands down.

I love the way its held, it feels good in my hands and its easy to glide it across my face. The handle is everything. Too many either don’t give you a handle or they make the handle awkward to hold. And then there’s the fact that you get 5 brush heads to suit your needs and it has lights for diff things. There’s nothing bad to say about this, its perfect. Buy it now.

Amazon $18.49

Maryann Organics Hydro Care Face Moisturizer Water Gel-Cream is perfect for all ages and genders due to it helps the skin! My Fiancé uses it as well & this product leaves my skin fresh and bright. My Fiancé has sensitive skin but he has not had any negative reactions to this product.

I have not had any issues with this product as well and absolutely love the scent of this product since it has a fragrance similar to aloe vera; basically it’s fragrance free though.

Also the dispenser top for this one has to be hands down my favorite I’m not having to put my fingers back in the product/pot for more if I need more and can give the top a little sanitary wipe down so no germs or gross in the actual product like ever!


Nigiri / Makis /Wasabi / Marinated Ginger / Soy Sauce
Amazon $28.99

The packaging is adorable and hilarious for this Rainbow Socks – Men’s Women’s – Sushi Socks Box. I was trying to decide between this and the ‘pizza’ socks, but I’m glad I went with these. They even came with a pair of chopsticks, three empty condiment containers (that I’m actually going to use for sauces and salad dressing), a little green cottonball of ‘wasabi,’ and some ‘ginger’ fabric too. The socks are actually easy to put back together into the sushi pieces, if you ever want to display them again.

The socks are also actually pretty warm – I was surprised to feel the insides and see how woolly they were. These would be great for winter or anyone whose feet get cold. I got these for my boyfriend, but I want to get some for myself too (according to the description, there are women’s sizes available).


Amazon $18.95

The Couple’s Bucket List by Flowjo is 100 fresh date nights (and day) idea starters that’ll bring sparkle between the couples in a cute and fun way that’ll reconnect you again. Perfect for her! Make it a game, it’s the perfect things to do when you’re self isolating and social distancing! Loads of ideas you can do inside! Not only do you have three categories to choose from but you can keep organized with dividers that say Things to Do, Doing and Done! A beautiful box perfect to give to your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband. Great present for Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.

My Hubby and I love this. It has different categories of things to do and my favorite part is that it also has tab separators in the box for the adventures that you have completed, ones your doing and ones you want to do. Also the activities are not lame. They are adventures that adults would actually want to do.

Amazon $18.95

OUR MOMENTS Couples is about Quality time – for you and your partner – Enjoy date night in a completely new way. This toy for couples is a sure fire way to get the sparks flying between you two! It will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you why you are together in the first place. Quality because you’ll want to keep using them – 100 question cards printed on 300gsm card stock which come shrink wrapped in a custom tuck box. This game makes a great gift whether it’s for you and your partner or for friends.

Amazon $23.99

This Metal D&D Dice Set Teal and purple with copper edge, the dragon scale design promises a stunning effect, which is sure to stand out on the table, the design is perfect for D&D character.

Coming in the standard assortment that polyhedral dice come in, this set of metal dice is nicely designed and a real feast for the eyes. The designs are textured, with the recesses painted so the numerals stand out prominently. With a fancy font, nice etching around the numbers, “frames” on each side, and tiny details in the recesses that look like coins or dragon scales, these are gorgeous dice. They have a really nice aesthetic and bring real atmosphere to the gaming table.

Home & Kitchen

Amazon $25.99

Merryword Flowers Sloth Blanket is super soft printed flannel fleece on one side, plush super warm polyester sherpa on the inside. Whether you want to use it in summer sleep or warm enough for winter use, blanket keep your excellent experience. This blanket is extremely nice and is thick actually the thickest throw blanket I’ve ever seen! Awesome quality!

The original BedShelfie left me so impressed with this product. I wanted something like this when I was in the dorms, and I have literally been looking for something like this for years. We have a trundle bed in our guest bedroom, and a regular bunk bed for the girls. So a traditional night stand or bedside table would block the trundle from moving in and out. Along with the bunk bed this item was perfect due to the one on top would need a nightstand as well. This is the perfect solution. It is nice and sturdy even with my 13 inch MacBook sitting on it.

My two year old tried to climb on it. I freaked but the Bed Shelfie held up. The fasteners are well protected with felt tips to ensure that you do not damage your bed frame. The cardboard pieces are strictly due to the unique shape of the bed.


Amazon $35.90

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool for Dogs, Cats & Horses is the World’s #1 Patented Deshedding Tool for Pets. Our unique Wave Pattern Blade is perfectly constructed to gently brush away loose fur, dirt, and dander without snagging! Nothing works better than SleekEZ at removing shedding hair, dirt and dander.

Amazon $17.32

Gourmet Hard Cookie Dog Treats by Claudia’s Canine smelled lovely and my friends three dogs each had one as soon i brought them over. They must have been excessively delicious because the next thing I knew the lid was on the living room floor and the dogs were awfully quiet.

The empty packaging was found peeking out from under the couch. Dogs all giving me a concerned look…..

Now, generally, none of them get up on the kitchen counter to sneak food. I heard my friend ordered more and this is my go to gift for my friend’s dogs.

Subscription Boxes

I have not tried these but I love the idea! Look into them at your own risk!


TheraBox – Self Care Subscription Box to inspire happier lives through practical joy boosting activities & thoughtful self care products! Each box includes a happiness activity in addition to 6-8 full sized wellness items over 100+ in value for the mind, body and soul! Curated by therapists- we believe self care = self love<3 For all finders & seekers of an inspired life, #TreatYoself!

  • 1 happiness activity plus 6 – 8 self care wellness goodies (i.e., aromatherapy, natural/organic bath, body, skincare products, and other lifestyle goodies!)
  • Over 100+ dollars in retail value in every box!
  • Curated by therapists to increase happiness & reduce stress
  • Unbox happiness monthly! Filled with all things mindful, thoughtful, and beautiful to help you de-stress and live an inspired life!
  • #TreatYoself or a loved one to some self care & relaxation!

One Review from Amazon Said: “Wow! I am so pleased with my TheraBox subscription! Every month, I get insightful, uplifting, high-quality items. There are always a variety of useful beauty products, as well as occasional apparel choices. This month’s fleece lined hat will be perfect for my niece, who goes to college in snow country! The robe is beautiful too, and as soft as it looks. In these trying times, I look forward to receiving my TheraBox every month. It always puts a smile on my face and brightens my mood!”


Toy Box Monthly – Kids Toy Subscription Box will surprise the child in your life with small licensed toys from Star Wars, Avengers, Batman, LEGO, Playmobil, and much more! You will never get the same box twice. This was a very rewarding subscription box. I have 2 daughters ages 7 and 9. So instead of just letting them open this, I kept it for random gifts, like a long car ride or after getting shots at the doctors office. Everything was name brand, some were items we were unfamiliar with, but most we were. They loved everything! I added up the cost that I felt I would pay in Walmart and felt the cost of the box was cheaper than what retail would have been. I will continue my subscription because it’s always nice to have Birthday or special occasion gifts on hand!

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