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Beautiful Facade by Kathryn S Rose Interview and Giveaway with Pine Enshrined Reviews and Xpresso Book Tours.

Beautiful Facade by [Kathryn S Rose]

On the day that 16-year-old Winter Starling had her life and dreams shattered by a sexual assault, she meets Kai, a boy from her high school obsessed with music. They develop a deep friendship, which comes to an abrupt end when Kai unexpectedly has to leave. Winter has no idea why he went or any way to contact him.

Ten years pass, and Winter has constructed a new reality for herself. Now living in Melbourne, she has a successful career in advertising and is engaged to Liam King, a star player in Australian Rules Football. Winter has a perfect life.

During a night out, Winter runs into Kai, now the lead singer of ‘The Stonevilles.’ Winter and Kai rekindle their friendship, and to everyone around them, their attraction is evident. With Kai back in her life, Winter’s past threatens to ruin her relationship with Liam and everything she has worked to achieve. But can she risk losing Kai a second time?

Emotional and edgy, Beautiful Facade is about love, loss, healing, self-discovery, and the messy battle between one’s head and one’s heart.

Beautiful Facade
Kathryn S Rose
Publication date: Kathryn S Rose (February 2nd 2021)
Length : 326 pages
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
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Kathryn S Rose is a mum, wife, reader, writer, traveller, and food enthusiast. Writing a book was always on her bucket list, and finally, with Beautiful Facade, it has come into fruition.
Kathryn is interested in the study of human behaviour and obtained a Bachelor of Social Science, with a focus on Community studies and Welfare Work.
Since completing her studies, she has worked in several jobs, which have enhanced her understanding of social issues, human development, relationships, and lifestyle. Some of these insights are reflected in her writing and give her inspiration.

Besides books, Kathryn has many other loves. She enjoys listening to live music, relaxing at the beach, embarking on random hiking adventures, and indulging in too much food and wine with ​family and friends.

When Kathryn and her family aren’t traipsing around the world, they can be found residing in Perth, Western Australia.

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Interview with Kathryn S. Rose

Thank you Rose for your time to answer our questions and having such detail along with insight into your world! Without further ado:

What inspired you to start writing?

The inspiration that came to me, in regards to Beautiful Façade, was when I was in the South of France on my honeymoon. After a night out, my husband was still asleep, and I was sitting on a balcony overlooking a small castle, drinking coffee. A story started to form about a girl who fell in love with the boy who helped her after she was assaulted. Then the boy had to leave her, but they eventually found each other again. The story became a song, which I have included in the novel, under the Falls festival section – “met you back when I was younger.” I find I get most of my inspiration when alone, either sitting quietly or going for a walk. I pulled out my tablet and decided to take notes. Over our five-week European honeymoon, I continued to think about the story and the characters and continued making notes. Once back at home, I kept adding to my notes and started to research constructing a novel. Eventually, I started writing. 

· How long have you been writing?

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing. My mother is a creative person and read to me from a young age. I remember long car trips where she’d either read to us or tell us stories. 

I’m not sure when I decided I liked writing, but I think it was around 7. I had a fantastic year two teacher who encouraged us to write in our diaries and write stories. I remember being very impressed with myself when I wrote a 9-page story about Matthew the Octopus who went to the surface to get ice-cream.

Since then, I always had the goal of one day writing a book. For years I kept diaries and wrote poems. A couple of poems were published in anthologies and magazines. In high school, I made two attempts to start a novel, but they both turned into short stories. During my early adult life, writing fell to the wayside as I completed my degree, worked on my career, and enjoyed life. But in the back of my mind, the idea of one day writing a book never left me, and I would often form stories in my head.

·      When did you start writing?

I started writing Beautiful Façade, on and off, since my honeymoon. But I committed to the book once my son was approximately five months old and I couldn’t sleep early in the morning. I decided to use that time productively and concentrate on writing the book.

· How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I’ve only written one book so far, but being the first book and the nature of its content, I believe it will always be the most special.

· What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book(s)?

That I love writing dialogue and that it is way harder to write and publish a novel than I ever thought it would be.

I also discovered how to be brave. For years, writing was something I did just for me. No one knew the extent of my passion, and I liked it that way. Even though I wanted to write a book, I was still terrified about putting it out into the world. I decided to write a novel like I was just writing for myself. Through the editing process, I toned down some of the language and content to not be as offensive.

·      Who is your favourite character?

I quite like Maddy and Elmo. I am currently writing book two, in which Elmo plays a much larger role. In book 3, I hope to make Maddy my main protagonist.

· Can you share with us something about the book that isn’t in the blurb?

When the characters go to the Falls Festival is a critical turning point in the story. 

· Are there any secrets from the book (that aren’t in the blurb), you can share with your readers?

Winter’s parents discover the truth about her past, and Mr. Korcula gets what he deserves.

·      Can you share a snippet that isn’t in the blurb or excerpt?

I woke with a jolt. Tears leaked from my eyes, and sweat covered my shaking body. After several minutes of deep breathing, my heart rate slowed. The queasiness in my stomach proved harder to control. Get a grip. I was a grown woman. Not a child haunted by fucking nightmares.

I reached for Liam, but he turned away when I touched him. I grabbed my phone to check the time and eyed the screen—3 a.m. I’d only been asleep for a few hours. The message icon indicated I’d received a text, but I didn’t recognise the number, so I didn’t bother looking at it. Head pounding and gasping for a drink; I slid out of bed. Once armed with a hot cup of Milo, Ugg boots, and a doona, I set myself up in the living room. Then, feeling more like myself again, I thought to read the message.

When do I get to see you again?? I still can’t believe I finally found you. BTW it’s Kai.

I studied the message and sipped the boiling Milo. The burning milk sliding down my throat hardly made an impact. Emotions raged inside me. I wanted to see him now. I wanted a hug and a shoulder to cry on. I wanted him to make me feel better the way he used to.

But no chance in hell would I text him that. He needed to know my life was on track, and I was doing well. Really well. I had a fabulous fiancé, excellent job, fantastic friends. Everything was perfect. I had my shit together. So, I tapped out a text.

Hey Kai:) Me neither, it’s crazy! I’m keen when you are.

Beep, beep. My heart lurched. I looked down at my phone.

Ur awake? Thought you went home?

Yeah, can’t sleep. You’re awake as well 😛

At a club. Think it’s called Cookies. Meet me?

I smiled. Sure Kai, let me finish my Milo, replace my Uggs for some heels, and meet you at da club!

No thanks, I’m content cuddling my doona.

Boring. Cuddle me instead ;P

This time I laughed. Being suggestive and sticking his tongue out at me? He’d become a lot more forward.

I’m sure my fiancé would love that!

Probs not. Why can’t you sleep? Are you having bad dreams, Star?

Before I could reply, Kai sent another text.

I can Uber to yours?

Ten years and he could still read me like an open book. And via text, no less. I wanted to see him more than anything. But I wasn’t a complete idiot.

Not a good idea. Liam wouldn’t be impressed if he woke up and you were here.

OK. You’ve never mentioned me before?

That he asked that question meant that Kai was hurt. But he shouldn’t have been. He belonged to that time I never discussed with anyone, except for Dr Tan. Even then, I’d spoken to her out of desperation. The only person who genuinely knew me was Kai. Well, the old me. And that was because he knew the truth.

Some stuff I don’t talk about.

OK … so when can I see you?

How about sometime during the week?

Sweet as. Gotta run, but call me if you need me 🙂

Thanks, don’t party too hard. X

I switched my phone to silent. Now to try and get some sleep. Surprisingly, I returned to my bed, smiling. After all this time, I’d found Kai.

· Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

I’m in the process of writing book 2 of what I’m currently calling the “Façade” series. The protagonist in this book is Aria and starts off from her Birthday party in Beautiful Façade but from her point of view. I’m immensely enjoying writing from the perspective of a completely different character to Winter.

· Who is your favourite author and why?

I don’t have a favourite author as such, but I like addictive books.

Colleen Hoover, Tanya Bird, KM Golland are a few of the authors that I’ve become addicted to at various times. 

·      What book is currently on your bedside table?

A children’s book!

· What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Going to the beach, taking the kids out for walks/bike rides, going to the gym, eating and drinking out, and traveling and going on adventures while traveling. Some of our crazy holiday antics act as inspiration for my writing.

· What’s your favorite spot to visit in your own country? And what makes it so special to you?

Queensland, Tasmania and down south of Western Australia. I love Queensland as it is warm, absolutely stunning, and quite a secluded part of the world. Cape Tribulation is like nowhere else I’ve ever been. I also really like Tasmania and the South of Western Australia. Both receive a mention in Beautiful Façade. I love them for very similar reasons; extremely beautiful landscape, heaps of cool places to explore and hike, and fantastic food and wine.

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