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Grammar is the Life of the Party by Curtis Honeycutt

Grammar rules! Good Grammar is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life will convert grammar goofballs into bonafide word nerds. As the writer of the award-winning humor column “Grammar Guy,” Curtis Honeycutt’s grammar advice appears in dozens of newspapers every week. His debut book—filled with witty word wisdom—is designed to make your life more awesome by improving your grammar. Do you love language, but sometimes get tripped up by confusing grammar rules? Good Grammar is the Life of the Party is like a cheat code for your social life. Level up your grammar game to become a linguistic legend—from romantic relationships to job promotions to getting invited to fancy roof parties. Climb the corporate ladder, convince people you’re smart, and win at life with dozens of helpful tips on how to master the English language.

Good Grammar Is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life
by Curtis Honeycutt
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 18 yrs +, 244 pages
Genre:  How-To, Humor, Grammar and Writing Reference
Publisher:  The County Publishing
Release date:   May, 2020
Content Rating:  PG-13: “I write “hell,” “damn,” and “shit” a few times. Maybe “ass.” .

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Curtis Honeycutt

Meet the Author:

Curtis Honeycutt started writing about grammar in his local newspaper. His column, Grammar Guy, has since won multiple awards and now appears in newspapers across the U.S. Originally from Oklahoma, Honeycutt now lives in Indiana with his wife, Carrie, and their two children, Miles and Maeve.

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Interview with Curtis Honeycut

iRead Blog Tour Author Interview: Curtis Honeycutt, Author of Good Grammar is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life

There are many books out there about grammar. What makes yours different?

Mine isn’t judgy. In fact, I have a “rising tide lifts all ships” outlook on grammar. There’s enough good grammar out there for everyone to have some. And I genuinely believe good grammar is like a cheat code that can make your life better.

Do you have a writing community?

Some of my favorite people in the world are columnists who are members of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists ( This quirky bunch of professional opinion-havers gets together for a conference once a year, holds weekly Zoom writing sessions, and has a great annual column contest. This group was my biggest encouragement to get my book across the finish line.

What was one big challenge in writing your book?

I didn’t want to bore people with rote grammar rules. At the same time, I did want people to actually learn from it. The result is a book that is engaging—with many jokes, stories, and pop culture references—and educational. 

What tools help you write better?

I use Google Docs for all my writing. On top of that, I pay for an annual subscription to Grammarly, because the “Grammar Guy” needs to have good grammar and punctuation. Grammarly integrates easily into Google Docs as well as Gmail.

How do you handle rejection?

It’s their loss. We have probably all heard about how J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book got rejected by 12 publishers. I received dozens of big “buts” from book publishers—emails that started with compliments, but then had big “buts.”

I regularly send out my “Grammar Guy” column to newspaper editors, and most of them do not choose to add my column to their paper. My theory is that if you send out enough queries, you’ll end up with a “yes.” Keep tweaking your approach and asking for what you want.

What do you want people to take away from reading your book?

The big idea (other than “learn to be awesome at the English language”) of my book is: don’t be a jerk. It’s one thing to know and practice good grammar; it’s another to correct other people’s grammar. Just don’t do it—you will lose friends.

What is your next project?

I’m going to start a mustard review blog. I really like different types of mustards and would like to officially rate and review them. Always use a condiment.

—Curtis Honeycutt is a syndicated humor columnist. He is the author of Good Grammar is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life. Find more at

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