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WWBC: Top Four Things that Kri of Pine Enshrined Reviews Uses Every Single Day and Loves Them.

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The first item is Kitsure Airtight Food Storage Container Set which I use in the kitchen but also in the craft room as well to hold supplies! I sew on the side as well as crochet/knit and cross-stitch. I’m a crafty person by heart! Kitsure Airtight Food Storage Container Set is one of my favorite items – Could use more expensive brands as well but this one does the job perfectly. I can easily see ingredients I use almost multiple times a week and dry goods as well. All my many pastas is in easy eye sight to see if I need to buy more along with smaller containers of other various things like brown sugar, cornstarch, pretzles, dried beans/peas, etc that you would keep in smaller amounts – It is a life savor and keeps boxes out of my pantry – They attract spiders and roaches to live in so I rather not have them and if critters get in ( lizards and scorpions are in my neighborhood!!!) then it also keeps them out perfectly. Kitsure Airtight Food Storage Container Set - 8 PC Set - Pantry  Organization and Storage, Kitchen Canisters with Lids, Leak-Proof Pantry Storage  Containers with Food-Grade Material & Stackable Design: Kitchen &

Saves my money from purchasing more and keeps the items fresh longer to use when I need it. However, I also have the more expensive brand, oxo, as well which is easier to open due to the push down button but essentially they are the same besides Kitsure Airtight Food Storage Container Set has a push-pull handle that opens it. It does not make it any more difficult but in comparison to Oxo does not come apart for cleaning like the Kitsure Airtight Food Storage Container Set can which is a huge plus when cleaning it! The Kitsure Airtight Food Storage Container Set are infact very airtight and look quite nice anywhere you put them – like my craft room where a few pieces houses pipe cleaners, pom poms, buttons and sewing notions. Its a needed thing for – well anything.

Add it to your wishlist on Amazon where it has glowing reviews!

The next item is what I call “a constipation elixer” or as Amazon and other places call it is the Squatty Potty! It is like a step stool but it helps you get into a better position to go which is essential if your having a hard time going or to help you eliminate faster. Elevate your feet and straighten the colon is what it does! My fiance says it is not tall enough for him but I think he is trying to have it too close to him – Guess were going to need to test this theory on my next off day but I might just need to get the taller version for him.

Now my elimination self-care routine is thrown off as I can’t finish a chapter anymore or watch enough tiktoks because i’m done before I get settled in for this intimate elimination routine i was so used to. Now my daughter loves using it to get on top of the toilet and jump off or to make it easier to climb into and out of the tub. That girl is so smart haha.

Purchase yours here or just check out the reviews!

KKTONER Bamboo Bed Tray Table with Folding Legs Foldable – kktoner

One of my most prized item is Intriom Bamboo Folding Bamboo Bed Tray because I use it everywhere. I can carry food, laptop or everything I need to get things done. Like i stumbled upon this at Ross I believe and I could not pass it up! I always wanted one and when I found it – it was already bought haha. Its sturdy, the bamboo is a beautiful addition and it folds up to carry or store easily. When it became a little wobbly I simple tighten it and has not been a issue since! I’ve had this thing since October and it has more than paid for itself. I should of bought it sooner!

Here is a identical version in amazon!

And of course my Kindle Reader! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up to their pet with a glass of wine or cup of coffee with their kindle? Cause I sure as heck love that idea.

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15 thoughts on “WWBC: Top Four Things that Kri of Pine Enshrined Reviews Uses Every Single Day and Loves Them.”

  1. My daughter has those containers in her house–she’s very visual and loves how they look and stack so neatly, lol.

    I’ve often wondered about the squatty potty… does it ACTUALLY help? Hmmmm….

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    1. I absolutely love them for the visual aide and for the ability to easily stack them – They also make my pantry look perfect. But if it was up to my Fiance he would just throw everything in the pantry willy nilly as long as its sealed properly.

      And girl yes! It has made me miss it when i’m having to go outside of the home. Its weird how we come to appreciate the little things that almost seem to make no impact at home until we are out and about. Crazy how life does that to us!

      Edit to add: But yes, to elaborate the squaty potty cut my go time by minutes – I used to go in there with a charger, my kindle and a bottle of water.. Almost read four chapters by the time I was done, finish a bottle and my kindle about died while trying to go haha. Now that I got it I barely finish my bottle of water, get through a chapter or two depending on the length and im finished going! like what magic is this thing!! It is defiantly well worth every penny I spent on it! I found a 2nd one at ross the other day and bought it for the spare bathroom – Sooo worth it!!


  2. That bed tray looks handy!

    My <a href=””>post.

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    1. It so is especially when I don’t want to leave my bed – I go to bed with it cause i’m up reading and having a night time tea – and when I wake up I already have a glass of water waiting on me – SO back to reading, maybe a little crossword puzzle or a little me time before I get up.. When I’m up and at it then I can use it on the couch, lazy boy or love seat easily especially if the fiance/hubs and family has all the tv trays for snacks, personal effects, games or what not. It has been such a handy tool that I would happily send as a gift to friends! as I have and they love it too! It does take a moment to get used to but I might need to buy 4 more…… shhh don’t tell the hubs!!


    1. The kindle reader really is a godsend ! And you should, they didn’t disappointed and my wallet thanked me


  3. I second the squatty potty for sure. Such a life-saver! I also love the other items you mentioned, they look so useful! I might need to go on a shopping-spree, haha!

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  4. Beautiful Wife and I refer to our Kindles as “magic books” because we can read just about anything on them. (And at my age, being able to adjust the font size is a great help!) The bamboo bed tray looks really useful, too.

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