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To The Little Girl Whom Made Me A Mom – Happy Birthday Sweetie.

Today is a special day for myself and for my family because it makes the day I became a mother by blood. The one that has me feeling exactly how I thought parents would think about their own kids, how they would do anything to protect their child and love them so forcefully that your heart flutters when you look at their little faces..

Well mine turns two (2) today and my heart feels full. Covid has made things different but not much different from last year besides a new home, different location and less family. Of course we still got a few presents for her although she already getting into them! We of course had a few surprises up our sleeves. We are taking my little big to the aquarium and it is the first time taking her to a place like this – besides seeing the fish in Petsmart / Petco which she always loved! We thought to take her to one of those hands on kid play science places but they are closed on a Monday of course and covid – Not sure how they are cleaning during these times.

But how are we celebrating our toddler when its just us? Well, of course a cake! family time and a lot of fun – I’m hoping it is not cold and we can play outside as well but we shall see! She might get overly excited about seeing the fish – which I am excited to see her reactions. I can already imagine!

Something I have not done in a long time is some of her favorite things (I won’t be attaching any affiliate links, because this focus is on my little precious). So below is a couple things about my little:

Some of my Toddler’s Favorite things!
Color: Yellow, Purple and we think pink as well. Colorful little thing!
Toy: Blocks! She loves her wooden blocks. She prefers the square and rectangle ones the most. She stacks them or places them in a line – Its adorable.
Movie: Hotel Transylvania!
Show: Sesame Street, Little Baby Bum, Blippy, Sofia the First, Cocomelon, Super Jojo and a few others.
Food: Veggies! She LOVES vegetables more than anything else – well not more than candy!
Drink: Besides her milk she loves pineapple juice and a few other juices.
Music: Anything that you feel a groove for that you can sway or dance to. She. Loves. It. Its honestly so cute seeing her dance moves. She got some serious killer moves.

Now my daughter does have some least favorite things but I will save you the list by saying her biggest fear – and always has been – is the irobot vacuums. Its honestly how cute how scared she gets no matter how many times we try to explain to her its just a vacuum like the handheld one we use upstairs. Yeah, She don’t like it one bit!

Anyway, to my precious daughter that made me into a mom –
Happy Second Birthday My Little one.

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