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Two of The Best Items for Meal Prepping and Why I love Them!

Meal prepping is something I been doing for roughly two and a half years now. At times before Covid I did it more or less through the months but since Covid, Moving and working parents that work around their schedules including work, making quality time for each other and making sure our toddler doesn’t pull the TV down. It became a treasured part in our weekly tunes that has helped create more family time or personal time if you will. It creates such a lovely thing I wish i took more advantage of but sadly when I was younger staying at home there was never any room in the freezer to do so due to my moms microwavable tv dinner couponing – those things are not healthy, couponing is but not the tv dinners! and my brothers even worse addiction to them – needless to say I mostly ate takeout and few delicious meals I could make at a time..

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Grilled Chicken, Fresh cut Green Beans and Brown Rice

Once i figured this stuff out was well into my college years than I like to admit – But i cherish my dorm living so much and the two girls that inspired me so much. One is doing so well in her career that I am absolutely amazed and another is kinda like myself – kinda lost trying to get back into her career field but enjoyed life.

Anyhow, back onto meal prepping! One of the items I mentioned before on Pine Enshrined Reviews which is the Dissolvable Food Labels that works great on glass, plastic and metal. Brewing America has made another high-quality food storage solution which is 250 1x2in Dissolvable Labels for innovative kitchen organization without sticky residue; A food safety must and reduces food waste for substantial savings. I’ve tried the expensive labels before but this label by Brewing America even makes pencil look wonderful. I’m almost ashamed I bought expensive brands before I bought this by chance – It is now a staple.

Three Compartment Container

When I was starting out I of course used mason jars, just any plastic, metal or glass container will do. Overtime I invested in some three, two and one compartment containers that was meant for meal prepping which has made prepping even more awesome. My favorite three compartment container is by EZ Prepa only because of the cost per container and they do their job well enough for me not worrying about them not sealing properly or food leaking out. The three compartments is great for different food groups and keeps them from touching – also makes heating them so much faster as well! Cubewear is also another great brand for the containers!

Now most meals look either super easy, tasty or very fancy depending how much time you invest into it. I typically spend a “Sunday” or one evening where I have off cooking and doing laundry. Its like a habit now unless family is here then chores or habits kinda go by the waist side especially if they want to eat out more! We purposely try to save for when family or friends come to visit so we have extra funds to eat out, go to the casinos and simply just enjoy our time together before they have to go.

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Turkey Meatballs, Roasted veggie quinoa Salad and Broccoli

Also, I’m one of those weird ladies in Ross and T.J. Maxx cooing over the cooking utensils and kitchen ware. I don’t need anymore spatulas but I so will buy more because I use them when i’m cooking anything. It is honestly disgusting how much I love spatulas especially if they are heat resistant. Then there is my coffee cup addition – but that is a post for another time – Guess I have a whole new series! Gasp! I’m so excited.

Do you want recipes I’ve collected from many sources over years? because I would love to include them along with my personal ones!

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