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Zendar: A Tale of Sand by K.T. Munson Review and Giveaway with Pine Enshrined Reviews and Goddess Fish Promotions.

Zendar is a world of sand and strife.

Living in the great capital of Zendar, Sol, Nitya has always longed for something more than her family’s merchant lifestyle. She craves adventure—or at least hopes something remotely exciting could happen. When her best friend, Juni, secures them both positions in the palace’s kitchen, Nitya gets to experience a different world than she ever imagined—especially after a young soldier catches her eye.

Her world will never be the same.


“Her.” The guard pointed in her direction. “She was there.”

Nitya froze, unsure what she was being accused of. Today was supposed to be her last day. She’d gotten to see more of the palace and was quite content to return home. What was happening?

“Me?”  Nitya heard herself say dumbly. 

Sergeant Ramas seemed equally as surprised. “Are you sure?” he asked the guard.

“I’m sure. She and a man served the food,” the guard answered. Nitya’s mouth went dry as she wrapped her hand around Juni’s. 

The Sergeant cleared his throat. “And the man?”

“Not here,” the guard answered. 

Sergeant Ramas pointed at her. “Take her,” he ordered.

Nitya stepped back. “I didn’t do anything!” The tears were instant, and she tried to pull away. The guards were quick to get ahold of her. It all felt dreadfully real and horribly surreal at the same time. It was as though it was happening to someone else.

Zendar:‌ ‌A‌ ‌Tale‌ ‌of‌ ‌Sand‌ ‌
by‌ ‌K.‌ ‌T.‌ ‌Munson‌ ‌ 
Length : 45 pages
Genre: Romance, Romance Shorts, 90-Minute Reads, Fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal
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K.T. Munson is an independent author. First published at 5 years old in the young writers conference, she has pursued writing ever since. She maintains a blog that is about writing and her novels. She was born and raised in the last frontier, the great state of Alaska.

My Review

Zandar is the perfect read for anyone whom wants to cozy up to a quick read that was beautifully written and put together. When I requested to read it for a tour in exchange for a honest review was unsure of anything else besides the cover of the book but it is a sequel. This is a wonderful short novella and the stakes slowly raised while making sure all the characters including Nitya, our main focus, so unique like someone you’d meet if you were at the market. I loved how everything progressed and Munson did a fantastic job with the entire read!

Now Juni, Nitya friend, secured them a temp job in the kitchen at the palace. Suddenly a general is killed and they find themselves amidst chaos. There is a instant love, I have experienced this with my daughter but now how Nitya experiences. The quick marriage and the romance was fast – a little shocked while I read it and my only discouragement but I loved everything else about the book. I feel this is a new adult or young adult read with a little extra whip with the graphic sexual encounter which had me hot after haha.

Munson is a talented writer and obviously anyone who loves fantasy romance should add this to their list to read!

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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