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What is BzzAgent and How to get Cool Things to try for FREE!

BzzAgent is a free program that gives you the chance to sample new products and let everyone know how you really feel about them, while being rewarded in the process.


To become a BzzAgent and get started receiving your freebies, first sign up through their website and create a free account. You’ll then be taken to your dashboard. Complete any available surveys and connect to your social media accounts. If you’re a member of MyPoints or have a grocery loyalty card, you can connect those as well.

Get Free Stuff Through BzzAgent Campaigns

Once you join, BzzAgent will invite you to a Welcome Aboard campaign. You’ll get a freebie box mailed to you (called a BzzKit) with a free BzzAgent magnet. There are a few activities you can do with this campaign and is a great way to show BzzAgent how involved you want to be. The more involved you are, the more free stuff you’ll get.

You’ll get email invites to join campaigns that BzzAgent considers a good match based on your profile, survey results, and BzzScore.

To get BzzAgent to offer you more campaigns, complete all the surveys available and participate as much as possible.

Keeping that BzzScore Up

The higher your BzzAgent BzzScore, the more free stuff BzzAgent sends you. The BzzScore scale is from 0 to 10, with the higher your score the better. Here’s how you can increase your BzzScore:

  • Participate in campaigns.
  • Complete surveys.
  • Influence your friends to join BzzAgent.
  • Connect your social accounts.
I got my first BzzAgent item! : BeautyBoxes

Unfortunately, everyone can’t get into every campaign. Here are some of the main criteria we use to determine who gets invited to what campaign:

  • Who you are: For example, we wouldn’t invite you to a baby food campaign if you don’t have a baby, nor would we think men are a good fit for a women’s hair dye.
  • Your interests: Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you want to try women’s hair dye, right? We get this info from your surveys and through the application process — so be sure to check your inbox to stay up-to-date on all opportunities to participate.
  • Where you live: While we’d love for everyone to try everything, some campaigns are only available to particular parts of the country or shoppers at specific retail stores.

Each BzzCampaign has a certain number of BzzAgents who can participate, so we send out application invites in waves until all the spots are full. Sometimes campaigns fill within a few hours, while some take several days. If you haven’t received an invite to apply within 3-4 days of launch, it’s probably not the campaign for you.

Completing BzzAgent Activities

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As part of a campaign, BzzAgent will ask you to perform certain activities such as telling friends about your experiences, writing product reviews, posting to social media, or uploading photos or videos about your experiences with your BzzKit. Complete as many activities as possible to increase your BzzScore and get even more free stuff.

Activities (sometimes called “BzzActivities,”) refer to the types of social posts and offline tasks we’ll ask you to complete during a campaign. At the start of every campaign, you’ll receive a detailed “Posting Instructions” email that describes the activities. Because every product is different, every campaign will include a different variety of activities, including:

  • Posting to Instagram, Facebook and other social media
  • Writing product reviews
  • Completing surveys

Complete social activities by simply posting on your connected social account, using the campaign’s specific hashtag(s) and @ mentions, and we’ll be able to track your participation through the hashtag! For other activities, like completing a survey, just follow the links we provide in email updates.

When you’ve completed an activity, you’ll report it to BzzAgent. Be as detailed as possible because BzzAgent rewards these reports with points that affect your BzzScore. You’re also encouraged to be completely honest in BzzAgent campaigns. If you don’t like a product, don’t pretend that you do.

A few Sample BzzAgent Freebies

Some of the freebies from campaigns are as follows:

Welcome Aboard. A free BzzAgent magnet.

Hers Complete Hair Care. the JLo-approved 2% Minoxidil, replenishing and moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner set, and our vitamin-enriched Gummies.

Chobani. Free coupons for Chobani Greek Yogurt, Simply 100 Greek Yogurt, Flip, and Kids Greek Yogurt Pouches.

What I Personally like Since Joining BzzAgent

You can join BzzAgent if you live in the United States or Canada. You need to be 18 years or older to join BzzAgent.

Once you have signed up and completed your little profile then you just wait – They start to send emails with the proposed campaign that you would be a great candidate to participate in. I’ve received about 20 a month and apply to a few of them before the cut off time which is normally the following day by 5pm EST as they have a lot of other agents wanting to try it.

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You can get many different things like clothing items to makeup or cat food to even electronic goods like speakers or wireless headphones. I’ve received food items as well such as full size cereals or a snack bar. Then there is the many beauty items I have received like the Hers Complete Hair Care kit which smells like roses and actually worked when using the products – Hair still is thick and long but geez! Or the eyelash thickener then there is the perfumes I have received which I’m still working on reviewing on Pine Enshrined Reviews but have sent BzzAgent my official reviews before posting about them on the blog – I would of course buzz about it on my personal and professional social media!

I always love getting items cause sometimes they come in such wonderful packaging like recently I received an item for this campaign I got that had me questioning what is this since I didn’t order from the company. When I opened the packaging though I instantly remembered what it was! Then BzzAgent sent me a email a few days prior that i was chosen and the product was on its way!

They even know my family will try items if possible such as my Fiancé and daughter snacking or eating the items as well or using the devices I have received like a Bluetooth earbuds. Even my pets have gotten things from BzzAgent like Purina Pet food and toys! From all the other influencer campaigns out there I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them! They send you emails reminding to review, steps on how to review them and even encourages you to promote the items as much as possible from the second you review it to when they ask for a review.

Use my referral code {Link} to sign up and we both get a boosted bzzscore!

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