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Poem: The Storm

Here is a poem I wrote back in 2012 while still being a freshman/sophomore at the university I attended. This poem was not for class but I must of been bored when I wrote this. What do you think its about? Brisk-full rain, Please fall quickly tonight. Softly kiss the earth. Hush now... hush, hush.… Continue reading Poem: The Storm

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My little Dark Knight – Poem

Days go by and now i'm expecting yet he is right there and always willing to love me. You know whom this is about! This is part 2 of the my little guardian poem ❤  Skin as dark as night Rivers of golden bright. My little Dark knight Tail peers over the coffee table. His… Continue reading My little Dark Knight – Poem

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A Poem: My Little Guardian

Another recent poem I wrote! It is about my furry child Ninja whom walks around with his tail to the clouds and the most sweetest meows ever. My sweet little emotional support animal whom has been with me since he was barely three weeks old 🙂 I don't want you guessing what this one is… Continue reading A Poem: My Little Guardian